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What Do Various Icons Mean on Samsung Galaxy Watch

by Mehvish
Samsung Galaxy Watch Icons Meaning

Traditional watches are easy to read. They only display the current time and date. However, smartwatches can now do much more than just tell the time. You can make phone calls, view notifications, track your sleep and steps, and more. All of these functions display specific symbols or icons on the watch, which can confuse a user. If you want to know the meaning of various icons on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

Icons on Galaxy Watch Home Screen

Phone with a Bar

If you see a phone with a bar icon, it means that your Samsung Galaxy watch has lost the Bluetooth connection with your phone. You must enable Bluetooth on your phone or go near your phone in case you are away from it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Disconnect

Note: On some watches, you might see a tiny watch icon at the top instead of the phone with a bar. This also means that your watch has disconnected from Bluetooth and it’s in watch-only mode.

Rectangle With a Cloud

The rectangle with cloud in it (or ace card) icon means that the watch is connected using Wi-Fi or mobile data to your phone instead of Bluetooth. For the unaware, this is possible using the Remote Connection feature that allows your phone to send notifications to your watch directly. You can enable or disable it by going to Watch Settings > Advanced features > Remote connection in the Galaxy Wearable app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Remote Connection

Image Souce: Reddit

Orange Indicator

The Orange dot on Samsung Galaxy Watch indicates unread notifications. Swipe right on the orange icon at the 9 o’clock position to see the unchecked notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon ORange Dot

If you don’t relish the orange icon, you can hide it. Go to the Settings app on your watch and tap on Notifications. Scroll down and turn off the toggle next to Notification Indicator.

Music Icon

The Music or the Audio icon indicates that an app is currently or was recently playing music. It will also show up when the audio is paused. You must close the music app on your phone or stop the music to get rid of this icon. It might take some time for the icon to hide completely.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Music

Tap on the Music icon to see the app that is showing the icon or to control the music.

Note: In addition to these icons, you will also see an icon when a feature or setting is enabled on your watch. It has the same meaning as that of its icon in the quick panel.

Icons in Quick Panel

Swipe downwards from the top edge of the screen to open the quick panel. Here you will find two sets of icons ⏤ the top icons and the quick tiles button.

Meaning of Top Icons in Quick Panel

The icons that appear at the top are static and you cannot tap them. Here‘s what they mean:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Quick Panel Top

Bluetooth: The Bluetooth icon means that the watch is connected via Bluetooth to your phone.

Signal: This icon will show up in the LTE versions. It indicates the signal strength.

3G or LTE: This icon will also show up in the LTE models of the Galaxy watches. And it means that the watch is connected to a 3G or LTE network respectively.

Wi-Fi: When you see the Wi-Fi symbol in the Quick panel, it means Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to your watch.

Battery: This icon represents the available battery power level on your Galaxy Watch.

Meaning of Quick Tiles

Next, you have the quick tiles button that let you enable or disable various features on your watch. When a feature is enabled, you will see the same or similar icon as that of the quick tile button on the home screen as well.

Bed or Crescent: The bed or the crescent icon represents the Bedtime mode. Use it to enable or disable the bedtime mode.

Power Button: Use the Power button to turn off your watch.

Settings: Tap on the Settings tile to open the Settings app on your watch.

Circle with a bar: This icon allows you to enable or disable Do not disturb mode.

Watch Icon: This icon activates the always-on display.

Sound Icon: Tap on this icon multiple times to cycle between sound profiles on your watch like sound on, vibrate, and mute.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Quick Panel

Torch: Tap on the torch or flashlight icon to activate the flash feature on your watch. That is, your watch’s screen will turn white. You can increase or decrease the intensity by tapping on the screen.

Sun with rays: Tap on this icon to adjust the brightness of your watch. Use the bezel or tap on the brightness meter to change the brightness.

Battery with a triangle in it: Tap on this icon to enable or disable Power saving mode on your watch.

Action Clip: Use this icon to turn Theater mode on or off.

Wi-Fi: This icon allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Water Drops: This icon represents water lock mode. Tap on it to activate or disable the feature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Quick Panel Screen

Airplane: Use the Airplane icon to enable or disable the flight mode on your watch. This will disconnect the watch from your phone and turn off other network connections like Wi-Fi.

Headphone with Bluetooth: Tap on this icon to connect your watch to a Bluetooth headset.

Rectangle with search icon: This icon represents the Find my device feature. Tap on this icon to find the phone connected to your watch. Your phone will ring even if it’s on silent.

Location: Tap on this icon to allow your watch to access your location.

Hand: Tap on the hand icon to enable or disable the touch sensitivity feature. When enabled, you can use your watch even while wearing gloves.

Speaker with settings icon: Tap on this icon to see and adjust the volume for different features like ringtone, media, notifications, etc., on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Quick Panel Menu

N Icon: Use this icon to activate the NFC feature on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Icon Quick Panel Edit

Icons on Text Input Screen

Whenever you have to write something on the watch, you will be greeted by the text input screen comprising of three icons:

Microphone: This icon lets you enter text by voice i.e., by dictating the words.

Hand with S symbol: Use the icon to draw letters on your watch i.e., enter with handwriting.

Keyboard: Tap the keyboard icon to open the T9 (predictive) text keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Text Input Icons

Icons on Calling Screen

Speaker: Tap on this icon to adjust the call volume.

Microphone with a bar: Use this icon to mute or unmute the call.

Three-dot: Tap on the three-dot icon to access more options related to calling. Here you will find Switch to phone and keypad icons. The switch to phone button transfers the call to your phone whereas the keypad button opens up the number panel to input numbers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Call Icons

Red Receiver Icon: Tap on this icon to disconnect the current call.

Explore Apps for Your Watch

I hope you have understood the meaning of all icons and symbols on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Once you get comfortable with the watch, check out the best apps and games for your Galaxy watch.

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