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What Is Apple Sports and How to Use It

by Ritesh Rawat
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Apple has recently launched its newest app Apple Sports. True to its name, the app offers live scores, statistics, and other information about your favorite sports teams, leagues, and tournaments. With a minimalist design and basic functionalities, the app is also free of ads like most other Apple apps. Here’s how to explore the app’s features and manage your teams and leagues to access scores with other information.

Features Available on Apple Sports

Apple Sports is designed to be minimal while providing scores of a match. The home screen of the app is separated into three parts: Yesterday, Today, and Upcoming. These sections list matches of the teams or leagues that you have marked as favorites. You can then tap on the match you want to follow up with and get the following details about it.

  • Real time scores
  • Betting Odds
  • Team Stats
  • Time of the match (Scroll to the bottom of the stats of the match)
  • Location of the match (Scroll to the bottom of the stats of the match)
  • Box Score
  • Play-By-Play
  • Standings
Apple Sports

You can also tap on any league without marking it as a favorite to check the details of its matches.

Pro Tip: Apple Sports app currently doesn’t offer a widget or live notification feature for checking real-time scores without opening the app. However, you can still pin live sports scores to your iPhone screen.

How to Manage Your Leagues

The Sports app only shows the matches of the leagues that you select or add as favorites. So let’s first know how to manage your leagues in the app.

1. If you are using the app for the first time tap on Get Started or you can tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner every time to manage your leagues. If you have already added leagues and want to add more, you will see a Manage button in the top-right corner next to your profile photo. Tap on it to add more leagues.

Manage Teams and leagues on Apple Sports

2. If you tap on the Manage button, you will see a list of available leagues on the app that you can watch. Tap on the star icon before the name of the leagues to mark them as favorites. After that, tap on Done.

Add league to your Apple Sports

How to Manage Your Teams

If you prefer not to keep up with an entire league and want to stay updated on your favorite team’s matches, you can easily do so. This feature will display only your team’s matches on the home screen, keeping it neat and organized without the distraction of other teams’ matches.

1. To view the leagues from which you want to select your team, tap on either My Leagues or the three horizontal lines. After that, tap on the Manage button at the top.

Manage Teams and leagues

2. Tap on the league to view your team, tap on the star icon before your team’s name to mark them as favorites, and tap on the back arrow to go back.

Favorite teams on Apple Sports

3. Tap on Done and your teams will be added under My Teams. When you select My Teams your home screen will only show details of your favourite team’s matches.

My Teams on Apple Sports

Hide Betting Odds

The betting odds are displayed at the top of the statistics for each match in the app. If you’re not into sports betting, you might not want to see the betting odds alongside the match statistics. However, there is a simple way to hide the betting odds and prevent them from appearing again.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to select Sports. Then enable the toggle next to Hide Betting Odds. Now betting odds will not be visible for any match in the app.

Hide Betting Odds

FAQs about Apple Sports App

1. Is Apple Sports app free?

Yes, Apple Sports is free to download and use.

2. What devices does Apple Sports work on?

Apple Sports is available for iPhone models running iOS 17.2 or later.

3. What are the leagues available on Apple Sports?

The current leagues offered on Apple Sports include MLS, NBA, NCAA basketball (men’s and women’s), NHL, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Liga MX, Ligue 1, Premier League, and Serie A. As Apple Sports continues to grow, more leagues such as MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NWSL, and WNBA will be added for their upcoming seasons.

4. Why is Apple Sports not showing on my App Store?

Currently, Apple Sports is available only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Apple Sports

Apple Sports is a recently launched app that is quite simple at the moment. It is currently not accessible in all countries but will be released gradually with more leagues. The app does not have a widget at the moment and does not support live notifications. We anticipate that future updates will enhance its functionality and offer more beneficial features.

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