6 Best 4chan Apps For Android and iOS

4Chan is famous for its fair discussion threads, memes and some controversial gray things (almost sounds like The Happening). If you browse 4chan on your computer you won’t have any problem but 4chan isn’t ideal for mobile browsing. Although there isn’t any official app the community has developed many unofficial apps specifically tailored for mobile use. I have found and created a list of best 4chan apps for Android and iOS.

4Chan vs Reddit – What’s the difference?

On the surface, 4Chan is a lot similar to Reddit. Both are a discussion forum with the old-school layout. But in reality, they, couldn’t be any more different. Reddit is pseudonymous, meaning your posts and comments are tied to your username. The vast majority of users are anonymous 4Chan.

Another key difference is, 4chan is an image board with loosely organized boards as their “subreddits”. /a/ is the anime board, /b/ random, /nd/ or virulent racism, /vg/ is video games, etc.

1. Chanu: F-Droid

The open source 4chan browser Chanu simply aims at offering you the same content packaged in a grid.

Chanu automatically sources all the 4chan boards and is updated frequently. NSFW image boards are toggled OFF by default in all the apps and you can toggle it ON in the settings. You can select an image board from the top and browse the content popular at that moment on the board and take part in the discussion with the reply feature. You can tap on the options button against any comment and tap reply.

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Creating a thread is easy, you just have to tap on the options button on the right and tap on ‘new thread‘. Your favorite boards can be added to the list and the app would send you notification about the popular posts of that board.

I frequent 4chan to consume my daily dose of memes and most times I scroll down so much that it takes ages to get back on top. Chanu offers fast scrolling which works great. Another amazing feature of this app is the volume button scrolling which I thought was lost in newer phones.

It plays most of the GIFs and image files can be downloaded but videos and WebM formats are not supported on this app yet so if you browse videos frequently on 4chan, you should check out next apps in the list.

Download Chanu

2. Tetra: the best 4chan reader for iPhone

Tetra is an unofficial browser for 4chan and offers interesting features like catalog view, search, and monitor.

With this app, you can monitor threads and stay updated on new developments in the post. It allows you to reply to threads and posts with image attachments. Tetra has an inbuilt WebM player which allows for a smooth experience and you don’t have to open the link in the web browser everytime you wish to watch a video on 4chan.You can save the images to your camera roll by tapping the save button on the top in the image viewer. However, due to Apple’s restrictions, you can’t save videos on the phone but you can save the bookmarks and watch the videos in the apps WebM player.

Download Tetra

3. Chan Burauza

The next app in the list is a 4chan browser that supports more than one imageboard. Along with 4chan, you get the option to browse 8chan, 420chan, and lainchan as well. All these websites work effortlessly on the app and you can browse all of your favorite boards. Unlike the previous app, Chan Burauza keeps a log of your history mainly because if you want to backtrace a thread it would be easy with this feature. Although you can turn it off in the settings page.You get a number of different themes to give you a fresher experience. You can select which boards shall be displayed under the website and the threads and posts show up on the page and you can choose a layout. There is a grid, list, staggered grid and gallery. I prefer grid as I’m used to the layout.

This app supports WebM files with its inbuilt WebM player, which you can turn off if you wish to use your own webm player for the content. Clicking on a tile opens the thread and you can read all the comments. You can comment by pressing the reply button right next to the options button under the post. Just like the website you can add images to your replies easily by tapping the attachment button while in the reply window.

Bookmarks feature of this app lets you watch the posts that you bookmark is updated every 5 minutes which you can change in the settings page and you get a notification of every update to the post. When you reply to a post, the thread is automatically bookmarked and you get all the notifications of any new developments.

All your comments and posts require a Captcha authentication which can be bypassed by purchasing a 4chan pass. You can find more about it here.

Download Chan Burauza

4. Omnichan

With Omnichan you won’t feel that you’re browsing 4chan through an unofficial app. It supports 8chan, 420chan, Lainchan, and Wizardchan. Adding boards is easy and you can just either type the board’s name or select it from the list. Now it could create confusion with boards from different websites, therefore, a small icon on the top left corner of each board is visible for easy identification.You can choose boards to show in the list view or sorted alphabetically and change the layout by changing the theme. There are a lot of modifications which you can do to customize the layout of the app like the text color, thumbnails, post style, etc. It gives you control over how the app looks and feels when you use it.

Tapping on a board loads its most popular posts. just like on the website you can change the sort order and see new comments or controversial posts. Tap on the post and you can see the replies and comments in neat individual tiles. Every tile shows the number of sub-replies which you can read by tapping it. You can also bookmark the threads by tapping the star button on the top and the thread is bookmarked in the app and you can come back later and check it out. It also has a dedicated 4chan pass log implemented in the app which is nice.

Download Omnichan

5. Clover

Clover offers the closest experience of the original website through an app. You simply add the site URL and it adds to your app. You can see the boards on your dashboard. It has a catalog mode which, well displays the threads in neatly spaced catalog items.
Creating a post is simple and can be done with a few entries in which name is always optional. Images can be attached and everytime you post a new thread, you have to enter a captcha. Replying on discussion boards is so easy and you just have to quote the comment and type your message and your message is sent with the tag of whom you’re replying to.
Bookmarked threads can be monitored and you get a notification of every update. You can also set the behavior which invokes the notification. Images and videos are saved locally and you can control where the images would be saved, default mute for videos, and turn off spoiler tagged images.

Download Clover

6. Dashchan

Dashchan is an open source project which implements a number of image boards on the app. You can download the app for Android from the Github page. The APK itself doesn’t work as it needs an extension to run a website on the app. You can download the extension here. We for this article chose 4chan extension. After installing the app and the extension the boards pop up on the screen as a list which can be changed to a different layout from the themes.

Filtering content and boards to meet certain criteria is essential for some people and it offers that meaning you can remove all the unnecessary boards which you don’t browse.
The app does remember your history on 4chan so if you don’t want that you can disable it in Settings.
One interesting feature which you can enable in Dashchan is that it automatically downloads YouTube video links. If you activate this feature, the links won’t show but it would download the file directly to your computer. Auto-refreshing pages can be enabled for threads which require your constant attention. You can also favorite threads and set a watch to keep updates on it.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support WebM playback natively and you have to use your chrome browser on the phone which is a downside which hasn’t been addressed yet.

Download Dashchan

Which is the best 4chan App?

Tetra is the only app on the App store which works in offering a browser for 4chan. While Chanu takes the cake with its layout and scrolling feature. Dashchan downloads the videos from the video links on your phone. Clover has many themes which are suitable for most people and Omnichan offers multiple imageboard support. Tell us which app do you prefer in the comments below?

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