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9 Best iPhone Icon Packs (Free and Paid) to Customize Your Home Screen

by Ritik Singh
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Custom Icon Pack on iPhone

For years, the iPhone home screen felt like Apple’s decision, not yours. But all that changed with the iOS 14, which brought new home screen customization options, including redesigned widgets and the ability to create custom app icons. We already talked about the best widget apps, and today, we’re diving deeper into custom app icon packs for iPhones.

How to Change the App Icons on Your iPhone

Unlike Android, you can’t download a whole icon pack and swap out all your iPhone icons (iOS is still restricted). There is a workaround using the Shortcuts app— these shortcuts can have their own name and icon, just how you like them. Here’s how:

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. Tap + on the top right and then Add Action.

2. Search for Open App and tap on it.

3. Tap on App and select the app you want to change icon for. I want to change app icon for the Instagram app so I’ll choose that.

4. Tap the Share icon on the bottom right.

5. Choose Add to Home Screen.

6. Rename the shortcut to the app’s name (in my case, Instagram). Then, select Gallery icon > Choose Photo and select the icon you want to replace it with.

5. Tap Add on the top right corner.

There it is. Your new icon shortcut is now on your iPhone home screen.

Best Free and Paid Icon Packs for iPhone

Now that you know how to apply custom icons to apps on your iPhone, here are the best free and paid options for downloading icon image files.

1. Flaticons iOS Icon Library (Free)

Flaticons has a free library with thousands of icons to choose from. Just head over to their website and browse their pre-made icon collections for different categories. Or, you can search for the specific app you want to customize.

My personal favorites are the social media flat icons (they give me real material icon vibes), social media filled (black and white theme), and Apple logos (fresh take on the classic iOS icons).

Note: Downloading the entire icon pack might require a premium membership. You can grab the icons one by one which can be tedious.

Number of Icons: 1000+

Check out: Flaticons

2. iCons8 Monochrome Icon Library (Free)

Craving a sleek monochrome look for your iPhone? iCons8 has hundreds of black and white icons that are both aesthetically pleasing and minimal. Choose from iOS 17 Outlined, iOS 17 Filled, and iOS 17 Glyph icon packs to create a uniform look.

On top of logos for popular apps, you’ll also find icons for activities like shopping, gaming, transport, maps, messaging, and more. These can be lifesavers if you can’t find the specific app icon you’re looking for.

Number of Icons: 1000+

Check out: iCons8

3. Moloka App Icon Changer (Freemium)

I’m not usually a fan of icon theming apps on iPhone since most either don’t work properly or require a mandatory subscription. But Moloka is different. It comes with over 30 preloaded icon themes in various styles: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Manga, Christmas classics, iOS 6 throwbacks, and my personal favorite, Big Sur.

No need to create shortcuts. Just install the app, pick your favorite theme from the gallery, and tap “Install System Icons.” Follow the easy instructions, and boom – Moloka automatically creates stunning icons for all your apps. You can even create your own custom icons.

While some themes are free, some require purchase (marked with a “+” symbol). Be aware that most packs only cover system icons, and there may be a slight lag when tapping icons due to the app’s shortcut method which can be annoying for some.

Number of Icons: 30+ icon packs, 1000+ icons

Download: Moloko on App Store

4. Design Shack Minimal Icons (Free)

Design Shack offers over 150 minimal, dark-themed icons for all your favorite iPhone apps, including Among Us, Snapchat, Discord, and more. These icons are a perfect match for dark wallpapers, featuring a black background with clean white logos.

The pack is updated regularly, with new designs added every month. Free version has all the icons in black. While a premium subscription for $9 unlocks additional icon versions in white, beige, blue, purple, red, and teal.

Number of Icons: 150+

Check out: Design Shack

5. Felicity Pro iOS Icon Pack (Free)

Love your iPhone icons, but want to add a touch of your own style? Felicity Pro lets you do that. It uses stock iOS icons but with deeper shadows, sharper glyphs, and a richer color palette. This way, you get customized icons without straying too far from the classic iOS look.

It has about 50 alternate icons. These alternate icons also include some from the iOS 9 and 10 eras. You’ll love these if you miss the look and feel of those earlier versions.

Number of Icons: 700+

Check out: Felicity Pro (enter ‘0’ during checkout)

6. iPhone Themed Icons by Gridfiti (Paid, $10)

Gridfiti’s new icon pack is basically iPhone-colored icons for your apps. They’ve got themes based on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro colorways, so you can match your phone or just switch things up.

Whether you have a Pink, Blue, Red, or Black iPhone, or the iconic Sierra Blue, Gold, Silver, or Graphite model, there’s an icon pack to match perfectly. Each icon theme includes 4 shades and boasts over 800 icons.

Note that each pack costs $10, and each colorway is sold separately so choose yours wisely.

Number of Icons: 800+

Check out: Gridfiti iPhone-themed icons

7. macOSicons by Elias (Free)

macOSicons icon pack for iOS

Not to be confused by the name; this icon library works for both Mac and iPhone. It offers icons for all popular apps, with multiple styles and variations, including some funky options like Snapchat and Amazon.

In fact, it’s the biggest iOS icon library on this list, with a whopping 23,000+ free icons to pick from. No matter what app you use, there’s probably a cool icon for it.

macOSicons icon pack for iOS

Number of Icons: 23,000+

Check out: macOSicons by Elias

8. Gyan Handcut Design Icons for iOS (Paid, $2)

Gyan icon pack for iPhone

I was surfing Reddit trying to find a unique yet subtle icon pack for my iPhone. There were many cool options, but Gyan caught my eye with its beautiful use of purple in different shades. There are over 240 icons with more than ten alternate versions. You’ll find icons for many popular apps including Fiverr, Tinder, Google Keep, Walli, and more.

The developer promises to update the icon pack every month. You can also request up to 10 icons for apps you use. For $2, this is one of the slickest icon packs, especially if you’re rocking a purple or pink iPhone.

Number of Icons: 240+

Check out: Gyan Icon Pack

9. Liaca Dark Glyphs for iOS (Paid, $2)

Liaca Dark Glyph icons for iPhone

Liaca Dark, developer of Gyan, brings a splash of Android to your iPhone with colorful glyphs on dark backgrounds. A great option if you’re looking to change the look and feel of your iPhone.

With a massive library of up to 1,500 icons, it covers all stock iOS apps (Settings, Camera, Photos, Notes, Safari, etc.) and popular third-party apps. And for OLED black lovers, there’s Liaca Pitch Black, a pure black version of this theme.

Number of Icons: 1500+

Check out: Liaca Glyphs Icon Pack

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