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15 Best iOS 14 Third-Party Widgets to Customize Your iPhone

by Kaushal
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The Home Screen customization is easier than ever with the release of iOS 14. As a result, widget apps for iPhone saw an astronomic rise within the first week of the iOS itself. If you’ve been confused about which iOS 14 third-party widgets to download on your iPhone, I’m here to help. Let’s check out some of the best widget apps for the iPhone.

How to Add Third-Party Widgets on iOS 14

Adding a widget to the Home Screen is easy. Simply tap and hold anywhere on the Home Screen to enter the jiggle mode, then tap the + button on the top left corner. You’d find all the widgets that you can add. Just scroll right through the various sizes and when you find the right one, tap Add Widget. You can also check out this in-depth guide on setting up Widgets on your iPhone.

Best Widget Apps for iPhone

1. FlipClock

While you get the Clock widget preinstalled on your iPhone running iOS 14, it has two major issues: one that it shows the incorrect time sometimes, and two, it only shows an analog clock. If you want a digital clock as a widget on your Home Screen then FlipClock is a simple alternative. FlipClock widget comes in two sizes: small and medium. It’s free as well.

Install FlipClock (free)

flip clock

2. Usage

Usage is an informational widget that allows you to put important information on your iOS Home Screen. The app has a few different widgets that show a variety of information such as active RAM usage, storage, data consumed, network speeds, etc. This widget is a must-have if you’re a power user and want information at a glance. Usage app is free but to unlock all the features you’d need to spend $2.

Install Usage (free, in-app purchases)

usage app widget

3. Watch Pet: Widget Pets

Watch Pets is similar to the 70s fad pet rocks where you take care of an inanimate object as a pet. In this app, you can create a digital avatar of a pet and take care of its needs. You feed them, play with them, and give them water. The widget sits on your home screen with a cute picture of your pet and what they’re doing. If the pet goes to sleep, the widget updates and shows a picture of your pet sleeping. It’s really fun to take care of this virtual pet.

Watch Pet is a free app on the App Store.

Get Watch Pet (free)

watch your pet through the widget

4. Noted

The next app is a powerful note-taking app that also offers an iOS 14 widget now. The widget allows you to quickly take a look at your notes from the Home Screen, and even start recording with a single tap. The widgets can be personalized to your heart’s content so that it only shows relevant notes. Noted is free to download but runs off a subscription plan of $2.5/month.

Install Noted (free, in-app purchases)

noted app widget

5. MemoWidget

If you’re not a power user then it doesn’t make sense to pay for a note-taking app. MemoWidget fills that gap and is made for people who just want to keep memos on the Home Screen. The widget comes in a few different sizes and colors but the most important reason to recommend it is that it looks a lot like a sticky note. You can tap the memo to launch the app and edit the memo quickly. MemoWidget is free on the App Store and has ads.

Install MemoWidget (free)

memowidget app

6. Minimonth

Minimonth is the widget to get when you want a customized calendar on your Home Screen. Unlike the default Calendar widget, you can adjust different parameters such as element colors, light/dark mode, week numbers, etc. After you’ve set it up, you just need to add the Calendar to your Home Screen and the widget would get to work and even show upcoming events with small dots next to the date.

Install MiniMonth (free)

mini month calendar widget

7. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is a custom widgets app that specializes in creating a tailored widget layout for your Home Screen. The app can create a widget for one function or you can create a dynamic widget that would show different information throughout the day. For instance, you can create a widget to show weather in the morning, followed by calendar throughout the day, and show Activity rings at the end of the day.

The app also integrates your Apple Health data in order to give you accurate information at a glance. Widgetsmith is free on the App Store but you would need to get a subscription to unlock advanced features such as Tide and weather data.

Install Widgersmith (free, in-app purchases)


8. Photo Widget

Photo Widget is a simple widget app that allows you to create a slideshow of your favorite photos on the Home Screen. Simply add all the photos that you want in the slideshow, set a timer, and put the widget in place. The widget would refresh at the set intervals and change the photo, giving your Home Screen a more dynamic look. Photo Widget is free on the App Store.

Install Photo Widget (Free)

photo widget showing slideshow of photos

9. Vocabulary

I am fascinated by the number of words that exist in the English language. This app helps you learn a new word every day. After you put a widget on the home screen, it would show you a new word until you tap on the widget. The widget can be resized in three ways: small, medium, and large but the content remains the same. The app is free to try and has a subscription for $0.99/mo.

Get Vocabulary (free, in-app purchases)

vocabulary word of the day widget for iphone

10. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo is a custom widget app that lets you create widgets, just like Widgetsmith. However, this app implements it differently and gives you the choice to create a truly custom widget. For instance, you can combine different functions in a single widget so that a single widget can show battery percentage, RSS feed, photo, birthdays, etc. As each function is a module, you can mix and match to create any number of combinations. Widgeridoo is a must-have app if you want your widgets to stand out.

Install Widgeridoo (free, in-app purchases)

widgeridoo app screenshot

11. App Icon Changer

Along with Widgets, iOS 14 lets you change app icons to create a truly custom Home Screen on the iPhone. App Icon Changer offers a beautiful collection of custom app icons that you can put in place of the original. You can find icons of existing apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Dialer, Notes, etc. in the app easily. You can browse around the app for free but you can only start customizing after subscription. It costs $1.99/mo.

Get App Icon Changer (free, in-app purchases)

app icon changer widget for iphone

12. Widgy

Widgy is probably one of the few apps on the iPhone that let you create a widget from scratch. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to create the perfect widget. Not just that, you can even choose from the existing list of available widget molds and build your widget on that. Widgy has grown and garnered a community of users that can help you along the way. It is free on the App Store.

Get Widgy (free)

widgy-customize widget from scratch

13. Transparent Widgets

Even though Apple has allowed widgets and other ways to customize your iPhone Home Screen, iOS still doesn’t let you place the icons anywhere. Meaning, the app icons or widgets start at the top of the screen and there’s no native way to put them at the bottom of the screen. While there are workarounds, Transparent Widgets app can free up to 50% of the screen with just one widget. Simply click a screenshot of an empty Home Screen page and add the widget to your Home Screen. It’s simple and effective. The app is available for free on the App Store.

Install Transparent Widgets (free)

transparent widget for iphone

14. Widget Dial

Widget Dial is an iPhone app that lets you put your favorite contacts on speed dial. Even though the app doesn’t have Home Screen widgets, you can still enable the widget in the Notification Center and access all your favorites from there. Simply add all the contacts in the app and you’re good to go. You can even call favorites just by tapping on the widget. It can come in really handy.

Get Widget Dial (free)

dialer widget for iphone

15. Launcher

This next app adds a comprehensive set of actions to your widgets on the Home Screen. You can create a custom widget that would give you quick access to contact, website, music, or even an app. The app also has multiple layouts which would allow you to create a variety of actions. However, the most useful is the ability to put contacts on the Home Screen, just like Speed Dial. The app is free to try and offers a limited layout but you can unlock the full app for $5.

Install Launcher (free, $5)

launcher widget app for iphone

Final Words: iOS 14 Third-Party Widgets

These were a few of the best widget apps that let you customize the Home Screen and put valuable information available at all times. While some of the widgets offer more functionality, all of the apps have something unique to offer. You can put photos in a slideshow with Photo Widget, Calendar with Minimonth,  and iPhone stats with Usage. So which widget app is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter.

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