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Best Watch Straps for Apple Watch 6

by Kaushal
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The best part about owning an Apple Watch is that even if you upgrade, you can still use your favorite straps with the newer version. However, there are thousands of third-party straps available on the market which makes it difficult to choose from. That’s why I have made a list of the best Apple Watch Straps that I recommend. Let’s get started.

Best Apple Watch Straps on Amazon

1. Kraftychix Elastic Watch Band

I personally have never been a fan of silicone straps as it tends to trap sweat underneath. This polyester-based woven design offers an elastic band that fits snuggly on your wrist without causing too much sweat. The woven pattern gives it both elasticity and a soft finish which makes it ideal for workouts. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap which makes it a one-size-fits-all ranging from 4.5″ to 9″ wrist size. You can get this Watch Strap for $9.99 in a few different colors and patterns.

Buy Kraftchix Elastic Watch Band for $9.99 (40mm | 44mm)

2. Adepoy Fabric Watch Band

Just like Canvas shoes, cloth fabric-based Watch bands are extremely comfortable and this watch band by Adepoy is fashionable as well. Made with soft fabric and a suede leather lining on the underside adds a striking contrast to the band making it an easy fit for most people. It uses the snap button to fasten the strap to your wrist and can be adjusted to wrists 5.9″ to 8.9″ in size. The Watch Band is available in 6 different styles and you can get it for $10.99 on Amazon.

Buy Adepoy Fabric Watch Band for $10.99 (40mm | 44mm)

3. Yoswan Stretchy Loop Watch Band

If clasps and buckles are not your preferred choices in a Watchband then you’d love this Solo Loop style woven band. Made with skin-friendly material including a blend of Nylon and cotton, the Watchband is breathable and fits perfectly on your wrist ranging from 5.7″ to 10.2″. The band is available in 11 different designs and colors for $8.98 on Amazon.

Buy Yoswan Stretchy Loop Watch Band for $8.98 (40mm | 44mm)

4. Genuine Leather Watch Band

Moving on towards more traditional watch straps, this next band sports genuine leather with a soft silicone underneath woven together to offer a fusion of comfort and style. The stitching adds to the aesthetic as well as the strength of the band and the old-school buckle style fastener is an all-time favorite. You can get this Watchband in 20+ different color combinations for $13.99 on Amazon.

Buy OUHENG Genuine Leather Band for $13.99 (40mm | 44mm)

5. Stainless Steel Watch Band

The Stainless Steel Watches go really well with mostly everything from Casual to Business attire and if you have a Stainless Steel body Apple Watch then you can check out this Stainless steel band. The traditional Oyster bracelet with a metal band clasp offers a healthy balance of technology and tradition on your wrist. The wrist band also comes with a removal tool that would allow you to adjust the length of the Band easily. You can get this band on Amazon for $18.99

Buy STIROLL Stainless Steel Watch Band for $18.99 (40mm | 44mm)

6. Magnetic Watch Strap for Apple Watch

Using magnets is the most convenient way of securing accessories and this Watch strap makes it into a functional fastener. Made with faux leather with metallic pieces embedded inside the strap itself, the watch strap offers a comfortable fit, powered by magnets. As much as this watch strap is convenient to put on your wrist, it is as easy to lose as you can accidentally unbuckle your Apple Watch. So I’d recommend not getting this if you go outdoors a lot. This Watch strap is available for $17.99 on Amazon.

Buy Magnetic Watch Strap for Apple Watch for $17.99 (40mm | 44mm)

7. Milanese Bracelet for Apple Watch

This Watch strap is by far one of my favorite designs and it has the functionality of magnets that don’t fail that often. The Milanese strap or more commonly known as the mesh bracelet is made out of stainless steel and the clasp goes over itself securing the Watch firmly on your wrist. The best part of this strap is that you can adjust the fit perfectly as you get a virtually unlimited number of positions to clasp the strap. You can get the strap in 11 different colors on Amazon for $7.99.

Note: All magnetic Watch Straps interfere with the internal compass of the Apple Watch and won’t show the directions accurately. If you choose a magnetic strap, make sure to remove the strap completely while using the Compass or use your iPhone.

Buy Milanese Bracelet for Apple Watch for $7.99 (40mm | 44mm)

Closing Words

These were some of the best Apple Watch straps that I recommend you get. Each of the watch bands offers a unique style and functionality and this guide would’ve helped you decide which one to get. If you have a better recommendation let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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