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8 Best Brain Games for Puzzle Enthusiasts on iPhone

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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I play a lot of puzzle games and logic-based games whenever I need a break from things. Of course, you wouldn’t want the run-of-the-mill puzzle games that you may have played in physical form. Here are some new brain and puzzle games that TechWiser team and I often enjoy on our iPhones.

1. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Unico Studio has released 4 games in this hit series. Each game is a collection of puzzles and riddles to keep you engaged. The interface of this game is animated and the music is fun. A room full of objects, and sometimes people, will be visible. You will be asked questions based on what is visible. You can interact with the objects to explore them.

You can play this offline too. All Brain Test apps are free to download. But, there is a weekly (expensive) subscription that removes ads and offers in-app items like hints and gems. We enjoy the free version.

Download: Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

2. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Playable in landscape mode, Tiny Room Stories consists of escape puzzle games. In each puzzle set in a 3D town/room setting, your objective is to escape using your detective skills.

Unlike the first game, this will pick your mind and requires more time and thinking. You need to interact with different elements and connect pieces in a 360-degree setting to solve the mystery.

The app is free to download but has in-app purchases. Once you are done, the developer has other similar games in their portfolio.

Download: Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

3. Monument Valley Series

Before other games, you need to play this game first. Monument Valley has beautiful and scenic art and gameplay. Your job is to guide a mother and her child through a series of mazes.

The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is full of optical illusions. I like the storyline and architecture which is the heart and soul of the game. It’s a visual delight. I was constantly amazed at how the pathways open themselves with a simple shift in my perception of what can be.

Monument Valley 2 costs $3.99 while the latest version called 2+ is part of Apple Arcade.

Download: Monument Valley

4. Skills – Logical Brain Game

Skills is a single/multiplayer game with over 90 levels to play. Each level has a puzzle. You will be asked to find or identify something or answer some questions. To add to the difficulty, there is a time limit. Each level has multiple questions and tasks that you must complete quickly.

Skills require quick thinking and reflexes. It is free to play and ad-supported. You an opt to buy the in-app purchases to remove ads and hints.

Download: Skills – Logical Brain Game

5. Logic Puzzles Daily

Daily puzzles are hard to solve and need you to pick your brain. The best part is that you will get new puzzles every day and all of them are time-bound. The puzzles are grid-based where you need to beat Professor’s time.

You get 100+ puzzles for free. After that, you need to pay to buy more. Each puzzle pack costs $1.99 and contains 30 puzzles to solve.

Download: Logic Puzzles Daily

6. Sudoku

A classic number-based puzzle game. The history and origin of Sudoku is interesting. While it did not originate in Japan, it is trademarked there. How to play the game – each row, column, and section must have all numbers from 1 to 9 once. Each section, row, and column has nine boxes, one for each number.

Sudoku is free but ad-supported. You can buy in-app purchases to remove ads.

Download: Sudoku

7. Knotwords

Everybody loves a good puzzle game that involves words. We already covered numbers with Sudoku. Knotwords is a ‘guess the word’ game where you will presented with boxes. Some boxes have letters in them to give you a hint. You need to arrange the letters so that each word is correct both across and down.

The game follows a freemium model where some puzzles are free. You can unlock all with a one-time purchase of $11.99.

Download: Knotwords

8. Lumosity

Lumosity is designed to help train your brain, making you smarter and better in the process. It comes with a cognitive training program that will help you learn how your brain functions, how you can hack it to be more productive, improve memory, and speed, and improve problem-solving skills.

The tests and puzzles are designed based on studies and experiments that you can research yourself using AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Gemini.

The tests are free and will gauge your current brain power and create a baseline. Some exercises are free but then you will have to subscribe or pay a one-time fee.

Download: Lumosity

These games are enough to get you started and keep your brain active while you take a break from work or any task.

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