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15 Best Canva Templates to Create Amazing Instagram Posts

by Parth Shah
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Ever wondered how you continue to see beautiful Instagram flyers and banners from marketers and influencers in the app? Do they hire a professional to create one? No. They rely on software like Canva to get things done. As of writing, Canva has over 40k eye-catching Instagram templates to choose from. Among them, finding the right template can be a challenge. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the fifteen best Canva templates to create amazing Instagram posts.

Best Canva Instagram Templates

The good thing about Canva is that all the templates are nicely laid out in relevant categories. You can use them to further speed up the selection process. 

Note: Every Canva template listed below is 100% customizable, meaning you can easily change fonts, colors, graphics, add animation, and more to a final post. The Canva editor is easy to use and understand. You won’t have a hard time figuring out relevant stuff. 

1. COVID Announcement

This one is necessary for this day and age. If you have something important to announce on Instagram regarding COVID-19, you can use this template with a green theme and catch the attention of followers on social media. It’s simple and works effectively. 

canva covid template

Get COVID Announcement Template

2. Sale Template

Are you doing an online business and frequently advertising products on Instagram? This sale template might be the perfect place for you to announce the next mega sale on social media. 

canva sale template

It carries a huge image as a focus in the background and a relevant giant sale banner on the top. Edit the temporary website name at the top and you are all good to go. 

Get Sale Template

3. Product Promotion Template

Launching a new product or business in the near future? This product promotion template might be the perfect fit for you to announce it on Instagram. Change the image with your product, edit the date with better fonts, and you will be left with an amazing Instagram flyer to use on social media. 

canva announcement template for instagram

Get Product Promotion Template

4. Testimonial Template

Want to showcase how your customers are loving your products or services? Get this Canva template, edit the image in the mockup and customize the text testimonial.

canva testimonial template

Get Testimonial Template

5. Birthday Wish Template

A picture is worth thousands of words, right? Instead of sending a boring Happy Birthday message to your loved one, you can use this template and create a personalized birthday wish banner to showcase on Instagram. 

canva happy birthday template

Get Birthday Template

6. Quote Template

Got inspired by a famous quote and want to share the same on Instagram? Using the Quote template, you can easily create an eye-popping Instagram flyer to post. 

canva quote template

Get Quote Template

7. Earth Day Template

We surely are going through global warming around the globe. Use this Instagram template, and spread awareness among your followers to save trees and the environment. 

canva green template

Get Earth Day Template 

8. Father’s Day Template

This one is our favorite and it will surely put a smiling curve on your dad’s face. Create the perfect Father’s Day flyer using this Canva template and post on Instagram. 

canva fathers day template

Get Father’s Day Template

9. Halloween Template

Want to announce a Halloween party on Instagram? Let’s use this scary Canva template, edit it with relevant details and post it on Instagram. 

canva holloween template

Get Halloween Template

10. Motivational Template

This is yet another motivational template for Instagram. With the sea in the background and a motivational quote at the front, you are easily looking at yet another beautiful Instagram post to go with. 

canva motivation template

Get Motivational Instagram Template

11. Road Trip Template

Planning your next road trip with friends? Better to announce it on Instagram with an animated post. Use this template, change the place name and you are good to go. 

canva road trip template

Get Road Trip Template

12. New Release Template

This one is yet another product launch template for Instagram. This Canva template has animations built-in that add spark to your post. 

canva new release template for instagram

Get New Release Template

13. Party Template

Want to announce an upcoming party in the neighborhood? Use this Canva template with animations and add relevant address details to spark up your Instagram post. 

canva party template

Get Party Template

14. Blog Template

Announce your new blog in style on Instagram using this Canva Template. You can continue to change the name and title in the post and keep downloading awesome blog flyers from Canva. 

blogging template on canva

Get Blog Template

15. Travel Template

Did you recently complete a trip? You can create an amazing Instagram post using this Canva template that showcases your memories in a beautiful way. 

canva travel template

Get Travel Template

Wrapping Up: Canva Instagram Templates

Go through the list of templates above and you can easily make an attention-seeking Instagram post using Canva’s built-in templates. Use them and take your Instagram stats to a new level. Don’t forget to use all those awesome editing functions to make necessary adjustments to a template. 

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