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How to Send Private Message on WhatsApp Using Oversec

All the major messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc use end to end encryption. Meaning only you and the other person you’re communicating with can read what’s sent. Nobody in the between including the messaging service can decipher your message. But what if someone gets a hold of …

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Top Instagram Feed Planner App For Android And iOS

Instagram Feed Planner App

Managing Instagram is not easy these days. You not only have to come up with creative photos but also have to take care of scheduling those pictures and make sure your profile looks consistent. While the official Instagram app doesn’t let you swap your uploads. Thankfully, you can use third-party …

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Best Instagram Grid Apps to Level up Your Instagram Game


Unless you are not living under a rock, you may have noticed the grid images on few Instagram profiles. Something like the following image. Looks cool. Right? This guy’s Instagram(@projectmajor) is awesome, you should check it out. But how do you make this kind of images? While you can always …

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4 Ways to Upload to Instagram from Windows and macOS

instagram on computer

Instagram was built to be used on smartphones. The dev team have gone to great lengths to make sure that the users continue using their mobile apps. While Instagram does have a functional web page, you can only use it for surfing pics. This is all fine and dandy for …

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How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram App

Instagram supports SMS authentication, meaning, once you enable this feature, every time you log in to your Instagram account from a new device, a text message (SMS) code is sent to your register mobile number, which you’ll need to enter in the Instagram app before you log in. However, today, …

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9 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram


Instagram has become the most popular image-based social media Platform.  Content creators love Instagram because it discourages freeloaders by sticking to the parameters making the experience more streamlined. It has also included videos and the maximum length of the video can be 60 seconds. Now, most of our videos are either …

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How to Post Vertical Photos on Instagram Without Cropping

Posting photos on Instagram can be as much confusing as it can be fun. Not so long ago, the only type of images Instagram supported was square which was limiting and frustrating, to say the least. An old-school format that needs change. Recently, in an official post, Instagram announced that …

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