How to Clear Data Usage on Android

Android comes with a handy feature called — ‘Data Usage‘ that keeps the track of how much mobile data you have used. But the strange thing is, there is no option to clear that data usage stats.

So let’s see how to fix this.

how to clear data usage stats in android

But first, why clear the data usage?

Well, there are several reasons to do that. Like, last month I was out on a vacation and did several data recharges within a week. However, since the usage stats adds all the bandwidth, there is no easy way to tell, how much data I used since my last recharge.

How to change data usage cycle on Android

Well, unfortunately, you can clear data usage only on a rooted device. But, if your phone is not rooted, then there is a workaround for that as well. We’ll come to that later. First, let’s see how to clear data usage if you have root access.

For Root Users

Start by opening your file explorer (if you don’t have any, install ES file explorer) and then go to /data/system/netstats. Under the netstats folder, delete all files and reboot your device. This will clear everything under ‘data usage’.

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clear data usage with file explorer

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For Non-Root Users

If your device is not rooted, then you can not clear the ‘data usage’ without resetting your device to factory settings. But, you can change the data usage cycle and get the desired results. (Well, kind of).

Start by turning on your mobile data first (important), then go to Settings > Data usage > tap on the present date cycle > Change cycle > Select today’s date. This will reset your data from the present date. You can still see the older data usage, though.

How to change data usage cycle

Note: The ‘change cycle’ option is hidden by default, to make it visible, turn ON mobile data first.

Alternative method

To get more control on your data usage, I suggest you try my data manager. It lets you track; which apps is using how much data, how much bandwidth you spend every day/weeks etc.

track how much data you use in android

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