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How to Convert Images to 3D on Android and iOS

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LucidPix recently hit the Android and iOS stores after being in beta for months. This app lets you click 3D pictures and in fact, convert your regular old images to 3D ones on any mobile device. It uses AI and is hardware-independent. The whole 3D look also creates a moving illusion when you tilt or pan your mobile device. It is called the Parallax effect. Without further ado, here’s how to convert images to 3D quickly.

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Convert Images to 3D Parallax Wallpapers

Lucid Inc was the firm behind the 360-degree VR camera LucidCam. As VR wore down, Lucid changed its directions towards the 3D world. It showcased the LucidPix camera app way back in CES 2020. Since then, the app has been in beta. The whole highlight of the LucidPix app is that it doesn’t require any special hardware or multiple camera lenses to work. The entire process is done on the software end with the help of AI. LucidPix officially launched on June 19, 2020.

Apart from the 3D conversions, LucidPix offers has several options.

  • 3D Frames: Add 3D frames to your regular pictures
  • 3D Faces: Create 3D pictures of your face with the camera
  • 2D to 3D Conversion: Convert your normal pictures to 3D pictures

I tried to convert 2D images to 3D and I would say the results were impressive. It seems to work pretty well with images that have a clearly defined depth and blurred background. Here’s a demo. The edges around my face aren’t still well defined. But since my face is too much in focus, the effect looks cool and it feels like I’m nodding.

lucid pix 3d image

The best application I could see was with this monument images. The image already presented great depth-illusion. After the 3D effect, it looks more like peeking around the monument.

india gate 3d-image convert images to 3d

Now, if I try converting an image with more objects and a flatter background, it fails terribly. In order to bump up the subject, it creates a blurry patch between the subject and background. Overall, the effect doesn’t look convincing.

lucid pix cycle depth

Next, I tried creating a 3D image with the front camera. Surprisingly, it did a good job. It kept my nose, face, and background in 3 different planes. So, as I tilt or pan my phone, I could see 3 different movements in the image.

live 3d lumix pic convert images to 3d

Premium services

If you couldn’t help but notice the “LucidPix” watermark in the above image, you will have to upgrade to the premium version. LucidPix follows a subscription model that starts at $5.99/month. However, you can grab it for much less if you find yourself a deal within the app. The super plan not only removes the watermark but provides you with premium 3D frames too. Additionally, you get the option to save the image depth map.

Privacy Policies

Previously, we saw the FaceApp go viral due to the aging filter. However, after the app was downloaded on millions of devices, it started getting flak for privacy issues. In our case, we’ll be sharing our pictures with LucidPix. So, I had a look at their privacy policies.

Since LucidPix has to run AI algorithms over the image, it is quite understandable that the image will be uploaded to their servers. Along with the image, LucidPix also records device type, operating system, time zone, IP address, geo-location, etc. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any mention on the site about the duration of these data. Mostly, such apps retain your data for a particular amount of time and then archive or erase it periodically.

Moreover, there’s no option within the app to request the deletion of data from the server. It would have been better if these two issues were fixed.

Convert Images to 3D on Mobile

The steps are really simple and you can do it while on the move. No need for a computer. Just whip out your smartphone, click some photos or use existing ones and you are done. Amateur and pro photographers know that certain subjects and even angles are more suited for taking or creating 3D images. Make sure you do your home work before to make even better 3D images.

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