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How to Fix ‘Can’t Upload Photos in Apps on iOS 14’

by Kaushal

A lot of people have started complaining about their Photos not showing up in apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Drive, etc. Conveniently all of those users have an iPhone and have recently updated to iOS 14. If you’re on the same boat trying to figure out a way to get all the photos to show up in any app, then you’re in the right place. Let’s fix it.

Fix: Photos not showing up in Apps on iOS 14

Apple has made a significant number of changes in its latest iOS version that includes stricter permissions for third-party apps. Now every app has to explicitly ask for permission to access the Photos stored on your iPhone and you can choose to limit the number of photos you share with an app. This is a great privacy feature but if you don’t know about this feature then it would look like a problem.

Nevertheless, to grant an app such as Instagram access to more of your Photos, simply open the Settings app and scroll down to and open the Instagram Settings (if you are facing problems with other apps such as WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp instead.)

Once you’re in the Instagram Settings page, tap the Photos Section to reveal the settings. On this page, you can grant access in three different ways; All Photos, Selected Photos, and None. To allow access to a few selected photos, tap Edit Selected Photos.

Here you can select and deselect the photos that would show up inside the Instagram app. After selecting all the photos, tap Done.

Grant Photo Access to Multiple Apps at once

If you have more than one app that doesn’t have access to photos that you want then you can grant access from one place as well. Open the Settings app and navigate to the Privacy settings.

Under Privacy settings, find and tap Photos. Here you would find all the apps that have access to your photos stored on the iPhone. To change the permission for any app, tap the app of your choice and change its permissions, just like we did above. In this case, I wanted to change the Gmail app’s permissions.

Tapping Gmail reveals the same three options; None, All, and Selected. Select the appropriate option and you’re done.

Final Words

This was a quick way to grant access to the photos stored on your iPhone. However, not everyone is supposed to know of the changes made with iOS 14 and that’s why I made this guide. Let me know if you have any doubts or comments about the steps, either in the comments below or on Twitter.

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