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10 Fixes for ChatGPT Not Working in Google Chrome

by Parth Shah
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ChatGPT has revolutionized the generative AI market with a class-leading chatbot. Open AI’s offering is available on the web and mobile platforms. That said, many had issues accessing and using ChatGPT on their preferred browser on the web. If you are among them, check the top ways to fix ChatGPT not working in Google Chrome.

1. Check Network Connection

ChatGPT requires a stable high-speed internet connection to answer your queries. It may take a while if you use ChatGPT on a slow network. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network or explore ethernet setup on your PC or Mac and try again.

Before launching ChatGPT, head to fast.com and confirm at least double-digit internet speeds. Continue reading if ChatGPT still isn’t working in Chrome.

2. Check ChatGPT Server Status

Due to abnormal traffic on ChatGPT servers, the service may go down for your account. You may see a message saying, ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now.’ You have the option to enable notification when the service gets back online.

You can also head to Downdetector and search for OpenAI. You may notice high outage graphs and user comments complaining about ChatGPT outage. Some users have also raised issues with ChatGPT showing a black screen on the web. You need to wait for OpenAI to resolve the server-side issues.

3. Clear ChatGPT Cache

ChatGPT collects cache in the background to save your account details and queries. When it collects a corrupt cache in Chrome, ChatGPT may not work properly. You should clear the ChatGPT cache and try again.

1. Open the ChatGPT website in a web browser and click the More menu in the address bar. Open Site Settings.

Visit ChatGPT

2. Clear ChatGPT data from the following menu.

Revisit ChatGPT, login with your account details and try using the AI tool.

4. Remove Conflicting Extensions

A corrupt or outdated web extension may interfere with ChatGPT operations in Google Chrome. After all, only some extensions are maintained properly and may develop incompatibility with the latest Chrome builds. You should remove unnecessary extensions and try your luck with ChatGPT.

1. Launch Chrome and click the three-dot menu at the top. Expand Extensions and select Manage Extensions.

2. Uninstall or disable unnecessary extensions, and you are good to go.

5. Authenticate Your Account

Authentication error with your OpenAI account can cause issues with ChatGPT answers. You should log out, sign back in, and try again.

1. Head to ChatGPT and click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner.

2. Select Log out. Sign in with your account details and type your queries.

6. Try Chrome Incognito Mode

Before moving to another browser to access ChatGPT, use the chatbot in incognito mode. It disables all the extensions, cookies, and cache in the browser.

1. Launch Chrome and click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.

2. Select New Incognito mode. Head to ChatGPT and sign in with your account details.

7. Try Another Browser

ChatGPT is a web tool and is available on all the desktop browsers. You can ditch Google Chrome and switch to alternatives like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Brave.

If you want to use all your Chrome extensions on another browser, switch to a Chromium-based option like Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi. Most browsers support the Chrome import tool to carry your bookmarks and history.

8. Check Out Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft is the biggest investor in ChatGPT’s parent company – OpenAI. The software giant offers its ChatGPT-powered assistant called Copilot. Microsoft’s chatbot is available on Office apps and Edge browser.

Since Copilot is powered by ChatGPT, you can use the link below to visit it, sign in with your Microsoft account details, and ask questions. The best part is that the latest ChatGPT 4.0 model powers Copilot, and unlike OpenAI, Microsoft doesn’t require a paid subscription to try out the most capable model.

The Copilot chatbot is integrated into the Edge toolbar and accessible with a single click only.

9. Check ChatGPT Alternatives

There is no shortage of ChatGPT alternatives in the market. One of ChatGPT’s main rivals is Google Gemini. You can visit the link below and take Google’s chatbot for a spin.

Try Google Gemini

10. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

Do you still face issues with ChatGPT in Google Chrome? You can upgrade to the ChatGPT Plus plan at $20 monthly and access the latest ChatGPT 4.0 model and additional tools like DALL E, advanced data analysis, and more. Unsurprisingly, paid subscribers receive quicker responses and priority support from OpenAI.

Explore the Most Advanced Chatbot

While ChatGPT is available on mobile platforms, the entire experience is best served on the desktop. ChatGPT not working in Google Chrome can affect your productivity hours. Before you switch to a rival chatbot or browser and settle for a below-average experience, use the steps above to start using ChatGPT in Google Chrome without any errors.  

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