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7 Fixes for Echoes During Voice Phone Calls on iPhone

by Parth Shah
Fix iPhone echoing issues

Do you often hear yourself on active voice calls on your iPhone? Your business deals, important talk, or your usual voice calls can turn into a nightmare due to phone echoing issues. It confuses both parties on the call and may even lead to costly mistakes at times. Before you lose a potential client or get yourself into trouble due to echoes during voice phone calls on your iPhone, use the steps below to fix the problem in no time.

What Is Phone Echoing

Hearing your repetitive voice on a call is often known as phone echoing. Phone echoing is common due to specific scenarios, and is found on mobile devices, tablets, and landlines.

Phone echoing simply ruins your voice calls. You end up listening to your own voice after some delay. If the delay is around 25 milliseconds, it’s still tolerable. But if it’s beyond 55 milliseconds, the entire experience becomes irritating and unbearable after some point.

Phone echoing can occur in one-to-one meetings or even on conference calls. For example, if you are on a group call and one of the members faces phone echoing, it affects all the participants on a call.

Several factors can cause echoing issues on iPhone. It can be due to incorrect network settings, an active speakerphone, physical damage, a slow internet connection, an outdated carrier version, or a software build. You can’t pinpoint phone echoing to a specific factor.

Before we start, try rebooting your iPhone once. You can keep pressing the power button and any volume button simultaneously and use the slider to turn off the phone. Now, wait for a few seconds and use the side button to power the iPhone. If the issues persist, start with the tricks below.

1. Ask the Recipient to Turn off Speaker

It’s one of the most common reasons behind the echoing issue on an iPhone. You need to ask the recipient to turn off the speaker on their phone and try again. The issue also occurs if you are on talking on a buggy Bluetooth connection via a TWS (Total Wireless Stereo). You should turn off Bluetooth and use the phone microphone for your voice calls.  

2. Don’t Use Third-Party Call Recording Apps

iPhone doesn’t come with a native call recording function. You need to rely on third-party apps to get the job done. However, it’s not straightforward. When you use a third-party app, it creates a conference call where the app becomes a third party to record the conversation.

When you use one of such third-party call recording apps on your iPhone to record an important conversation, it may create an echoing effect. You need to ditch such apps and go with the usual voice calls only.

For a temporary solution, you can record a call using another device. Simply open the voice recorder app to save a conversation on your iPhone.

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling

You can make or receive calls over Wi-Fi with your carrier provider. It may sometimes lead to iPhone echoing issues. You should disable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone and try again.

1. Open Settings on iPhone.

2. Select Mobile Data and tap Wi-Fi Calling.

3. Disable the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone toggle from the following menu.

4. Update Carrier Version

Carriers mostly bundle firmware updates with iOS builds. However, if the iPhone echoing issue persist on a specific carrier, make sure to manually update it using the steps below.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll to General.

2. Select About.

3. Scroll to Network Provider and tap on it to update the carrier version.  

5. Reset Network Settings

You can also reset network settings on your iPhone to fix echoing issues. It’s an effective way to troubleshoot Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice calls on the go.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll to General.

2. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

3. Tap Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

6. Disable 5G

5G network is still in the early stages, and you may not have a robust network connection in your area. You should switch to LTE to prevent any echoing during calls.

1. Open Settings and select Mobile Data.

2. Tap Mobile Data Options. Select Voice & Data.

3. Select LTE.

7. Update System OS

If iPhone echoing is a widespread issue, Apple may fix it with a software update. The company is usually quick to resolve such glaring issues quickly. You can head to Settings > General > Software Update and install the latest system update on your phone.

Enjoy Smooth Voice Calls on iPhone

If your local carrier is facing an outage, you may run into echoing issues. Search for your carrier on Downdetector, confirm the issue, and try placing a call after some time. You can also move to WhatsApp, Skype, or any other instant messaging app to place a glitch-free voice call on an iPhone.  

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