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10 Fixes for the Samsung Gallery App Not Playing Videos

by Parth Shah
Gallery app not playing videos

Although Android comes with Google Photos to organize and edit your photos and videos, Samsung bundles a Gallery app on Galaxy phones and tablets to manage media files. The Gallery app is quite feature-rich, but at times, it fails to perform basic tasks. Users have raised issues with loading photos and playing videos in the Gallery app. If the Samsung gallery app is not playing videos on your phone too, here’s how to fix it.

1. Gallery App May Not Support Video

The Gallery app supports all the video types you shoot with your Samsung phone. It can easily play slow-motion, hyper lapse, 4K videos, portrait videos, and more. However, when you import or receive such unusual files from iPhone users, the Gallery app may struggle to play the file.

You may also run into issues with playing a MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, and other unpopular video extensions. You should go with a third-party video player on your Samsung phone (more on that later).

2. Download the Full Video

Are you trying to play a downloaded video from the web or a third-party messaging app? You need to download the full video before you play it on your Samsung phone. Once the download process is complete, launch the Gallery app and play the video without issues.

3. Corrupt Video

Sometimes you end up downloading a corrupt video from the web. It can be due to glitches in internet speeds, bogus sources, and more. You should avoid such videos.

If you have received a buggy video from a friend or co-worker, ask the person to send the video again and try playing it in the Gallery app.

4. Use a Third-Party Video Player

There is no shortage of third-party video players on Android. If you are dealing with an unusual video extension on your Samsung phone, switch to another video player.

While there are dozens of video players on Android, VLC stands out among them due to cross-platform availability, a long list of features, and a free price tag. Let’s check it in action.

1. Download VLC on Android.

2. Launch the VLC player and give it the required permission to read the phone storage.

3. VLC shows all your video files on the main screen. Try playing your favorite video.

Download: VLC Player.

5. Remove and Add SD Card

Some Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets support an SD card. If you face issues with playing videos from your inserted SD card, remove it from your phone and insert it again.

Check our dedicated troubleshooting guide if your Samsung phone fails to read the SD card.

6. Check Storage Permission

If the Gallery app doesn’t have storage permission, it fails to read videos stored on your phone, let alone play them. You need to grant the required storage permission to the Gallery app.

1. Long-tap on the Gallery app icon and open the info menu.

2. Select Permissions. Tap Photos and videos.

3. Tap the radio button beside Allow.

Restart Gallery and try playing videos again.

7. Force Stop Gallery App

Force-stopping the Gallery app is another effective way to troubleshoot common glitches.

1. Open the Gallery app info menu.

2. Tap Force stop.

8. Phone Is Overheating

After a long gaming or video recording session, your Samsung phone may overheat due to high temperatures. In that case, the Gallery app may fail to play videos. You should let your phone cool down and try it after some time.

9. Lack of Storage on Your Samsung Phone

If your Samsung phone is on low storage, it fails to perform basic tasks like playing videos. You should check your phone’s storage space and take the required steps to delete unnecessary files.

1. Open Settings and scroll to Battery and device care.

2. Tap Storage and check a detailed storage breakdown from the following menu.

You can delete large files and empty the recycle bin to free up space.  

10. Update One UI

Samsung updates the Gallery app with One UI builds. If your phone is on an outdated software version, use the steps below to update it.

1. Open Samsung Phone Settings.

2. Scroll to Software update and install the latest One UI version.

View Your Memories on Samsung Phones

The Gallery app not playing videos can confuse you, especially when you want to mirror content to your TV. In most cases, you are dealing with a corrupt video on your phone. The tricks above should troubleshoot the problem in no time.

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