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How to Use Action Button on Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Parth Shah
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Apple has replaced the iconic mute switch with a customizable Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, and it has since become the talk of the town among consumers. You can set the Action button to enable vibrate mode, turn on the flashlight, enable Focus, run a shortcut, launch Camera, or set accessibility options like Magnifier. Samsung offers an identical solution to leverage the side key on the latest Galaxy phones, too. Here’s how to use the Action button on your Samsung phone.

Samsung’s implementation slightly differs from Apple’s. With the side key on your Galaxy phone, you can long-press it to wake up Bixby or the power off menu. You can also set it to perform a specific action on double press. One UI lets you quickly launch the Camera, access Samsung Wallet, enable the torch, or open any app by double pressing the side button. We will also go through a neat trick to assign the side button to perform any action on your Samsung device.

Use Action Button on Samsung Galaxy Phones

While Apple keeps the power and Action buttons separate on the iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung packs all the functionalities on the side button. A single press lights up the lock screen or unlock it. You can keep pressing it or double-press to perform the set action. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Scroll to Advanced Features.

3. Select the Side button.  

4.  Enable the Double press toggle.

5. You have three options to choose from here. You can either set it to launch a camera, Samsung Wallet quick access, or any app of your choice.

6. You can tap the Settings gear beside Open app and select Torch or any installed app of your choice.

7. Go back and check the Press and hold menu. There aren’t many customization options here. You can wake Bixby or open the Power off menu.

Samsung’s side key lets you perform two actions with double-press and long press. The Action button on an iPhone 15 Pro is limited to doing one action at a time only.  

Use Side Key to Enable DND or Any Mode on Samsung Phone

As you can see from the steps above, Samsung doesn’t offer a direct way to enable DND or any specific mode with a side key. Here’s where the One UI Routines come into play. You can create a routine where you double-press or keep pressing the side key to perform several actions on your phone.

Routines is basically Samsung’s take on IFTTT (If This Then That). You can select several conditions and set the system to perform tasks accordingly. Before you do that, make sure to install the Routine+ module via the Good Lock app on your device. It unlocks necessary options for Routines on your phone.

Routines+ lets you perform action by unlocking a device with fingerprint, button action, and S Pen action. Let’s check it in action, shall we?

1. Download the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store and open it.

2. Move to Life up and download Routines+ on your phone.

3. Open Settings and select Modes and Routines.

4. Move to the Routines tab.

5. Tap + at the top.

6. Tap Add what will trigger this routine.

7. Scroll to Routines+ (it only shows up when you install the Routines+ add-on from Good Lock). Select Button action.

8. Tap the radio button beside Side and select Double press or Press and hold under Interaction. Hit Done.

9. Select Add what this routine will do and set it to perform several actions.

10. You can go to Notifications and select Do Not Disturb. You can also enable Sleep or Work profile from the Modes menu. The possibilities are endless here.

10. Tap Save. You can choose the routine name, icon, and color from the following menu. Tap Done, and you are good to go.

Samsung also lets you assign an action button to volume keys. If you are new to Modes, check our dedicated guide to create and manage Modes on Samsung phones.

Unlock Side Key Functionality on Samsung Phone

While the Side key customization options are limited in the Settings app, you can integrate Routines+ via Good Lock and unlock the dozens of functionalities of your phone’s side key. What are you waiting for? Follow the tricks above and assign the side key to perform various tasks on your Samsung phone.

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