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How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

Block Porn on Android

As smartphones are getting more popular, teenagers (and even adults) are getting easy access to the Internet. And once they have access to the Internet, they are open to all sorts of things — good, bad, and even porn. Studies have confirmed, positive correlation between children’s exposure to pornography and aggressive behavior. …

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What is MAC address and How to Find it


So, you are trying to connect to a new Wi-Fi, but it’s not working. You have all the right credentials but still, “Can’t Connect”. Now, when you bring this issue to the network admin, he smiles and asks for the device’s MAC address. So what is the “MAC address” and how can …

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See What Others Are Browsing on Your WiFi

Share WiFi Without Giving Away Your Password

So you want to know what others are browsing on your network. But why? Well, there are a few practical reasons. Like– You are a parent and wants to monitor your children activity on the Internet You are sharing WiFi with your neighbours and would like to know if they can …

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How to Change DNS Server. An In Depth Guide for All Platforms

windows and iphone

DNS Servers are usually assigned to you by your ISP. You may want to change it for a better Internet speed or for blocking certain websites. Other reasons might be that websites are loading slower. Using a public DNS server helps is a good troubleshooting method to identify the problem. …

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Make Photo Square Without Cropping – Online Tools

feature image

When you take a photo with your phone or a camera, the photo will either be in landscape mode or in portrait mode. However, there will be times when you need to make a photo square without losing any details. The most common ways to make a photo square is …

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How to Check IP Address of Computer and Smartphones

How to find IP of any device

Apart from letting you connect multiple devices, a local network is very useful for a variety of things like sharing files between two computers, see what other users are browsing on your network, remotely logging into your router, etc. To do all those things, you first need to know the IP address of the device. …

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How to Find Out What DNS Server Am I Using?

DNS ubuntu

You have set up a new DNS server on your machine and you have no clue whether it’s working or not. Well, there are ways to check it. You can do it natively through the command line or with the help of third-party apps. But before that, it’s important to …

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14 Ways to The DNS Server Isn’t Responding” in Windows 10


One of the common problems many users face when trying to access the Internet is DNS not responding error. In case you don’t know, DNS is responsible for translating human-readable web address like google.com to computer understandable IP address. When the DNS server is not working as it should, you …

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How to Set Two Default Search Engines On Any Browser

duck duck go

Let’s be honest, Google is the best search engine available today. Period. That said, we also can’t ignore the privacy issues that come with it. Google tracks your searches, your search patterns, and stores a profile of you on their server. While I’m okay trading off my privacy for better …

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How to Get Blur Mode on Skype

Skype is the go-to service for interviews and meetings, I often use it while working from home and can’t count on fingers how many times people have commented on the messy background. The workplace is chill and they don’t judge me but I really hope I could just erase the background …

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