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How to Add Products to the WhatsApp Store

by Ravi Teja KNTS
WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp introduced a new feature where you can create your own store. But in order to do that, you need to switch to WhatsApp Business App. Though customer cannot directly pay or get it delivered to their address. They can message about the product, bargain, and pay later on any payment app. Here’s how.

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Add Products to the Whatsapp Store

Open the WhatsApp Business app on Android or iOS, if you haven’t logged in with your number before, complete the log-in process. If you are already using WhatsApp from the same number, all you chat history and media will automatically move from WhatsApp messenger to WhatsApp Business.

Now, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner and click on the “Business Tools” option.

Here you can see an option called Catalog, click on it where you can see your WhatsApp store. To add products, you can click on the Plus icon at the bottom right corner.

Here you can add photos of the product, product name, and price. Additionally, you can give the description, code for the product, even the link to your website store for people to pay directly and pay the money. Once done, click on save.

Your products will not go live instantly as WhatsApp needs to verify the product. You can see a green timer on top of the product indicating the product is under the review. The review process may take only 2 -5 minutes and your products will live for everyone to watch.

You also can click on the link icon at the top of the store to share your complete catalog or you can share the link for a single product.

People can open the link and directly visit your store or product you have shared.

People can look at the store by clicking on the Catalog option in your profile or they can just click on the link to open the product page. Clicking on the “Message Bussiness” button gives the option for them to negotiate the price or confirm your offer by messaging.

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