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13 Best Games To Help You Fall Asleep

by Kaushal

Sleepless nights? We’ve all been there and no matter how many times you change the positions or grab a glass of water, you can‘t just shut those peepers. I can say that from personal experience of browsing Reddit at 1 AM doesn’t help either. While playing some games can give you a rush of energy, there are others that are calm and make you feel relaxed with their soothing background score or minimal input gameplay.

It is widely assumed that playing video games before going to bed makes you alert and doesn’t help with sleep. There are studies that show a mild connection between video games and sleep and don’t affect sleep quality. Video games that are more casual and have mild background music can help you sleep just like the apps. Here is a list of best games to help you sleep.

Games To Help You Fall Asleep

1. Sleep With me

The first one in our list is not exactly a game, but a podcast. Unlike most podcasts, Sleep with me, consist of boring bedtime stores, told in a monotonous way and no flow. The whole point of the story is to be not interesting enough and helps the mind to wander off to sleep. Each episode lasts 20-45 mins and is available on all popular podcast apps such as Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and such. Overal, Sleep with me has changed the way, I’ve fallen asleep and I highly recommend you try it first.


2. Sheep Sleep

Category: Action

I was told to count sheep when I couldn’t sleep when I was a kid and I did go to sleep from the sheer boredom of the activity. Some people prefer the old method of counting sheep in the head, others, well they can play this game. Sheep sleep makes counting sleep at least bearable with its decent gameplay. You play as a sleeping kid who has to count the sheep to keep sleeping. When you play the game, it shows you a certain number of sheep passing through the room and you have to guess the exact number or else the kid wakes up. This was too engaging and instead of sleeping, I became too competitive. The sleep mode is more relaxed and you just have to count the sheep until you fall asleep. Sheep sleep is free on the Play Store.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- sheep sleep

Play Sheep Sleep (Android )

3. Antistress

Category: Puzzle

Antistress is the perfect game for people who feel restless and can’t go to sleep. Antistress has a collection of items and you can fidget with them to release some of the stress. The graphics are decent and the sound is average but the haptic feedback for the things which you move around in the game is okay. You can play with wooden blocks, light switches, chalk, Newton’s cradle, Fidget Spinner, darts, and a pendulum. These are some of the few items which are free. It also has a quiet pack that is locked behind a paywall and you can buy all for $0.99. The game is free to play.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Anti stress

Play Antistress (Android | iOS)

4. Orbia

Category: Arcade

Orbia is a minimalistic game with colorful and high-end graphics. You play as a cute furball and your aim is to hop as far you can without dying. Its one-tap gameplay allows you to play with one hand and the background soundtrack feels tranquil. Orbia features hundreds of levels and characters which you can unlock as you go.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Orbia

Play Orbia (Android | iOS)

5. Tiles Hop

Category: Music

Although this game wasn’t developed to help you sleep, it does work if you play a relaxing song. This app syncs to the music and lets you play to the beat of the music and neon graphics add to the immersive experience. You control a ball with a slider and it automatically hops on the tiles. Your only aim is to land the ball on the tile or the game ends. I loved playing this game with EDM tracks but it works surprisingly well with idyllic music too.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Tiles Hop

Play Tile Hop (Android | iOS)

6. SpinTree

Category: Arcade

This next game may not be the one with the best graphics but it certainly has good music. SpinTree is a low poly game where you have to grow a tree by tapping on the energy stars. Your Tree has a circling ball that continues to revolve around it and you have to capture the star by tapping the screen as they come closest. This simple gameplay paired with forest sounds and guitar notes makes it a peaceful experience. You can turn the sound off if it’s too much for you or you have someone sleeping next to you.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- SpinTree

Play SpinTree (Android | iOS)

7. Stack

Category: Arcade

This last app, Stack has very simple gameplay, you have to stack blocks to create the highest tower. It makes the list because it’s simple, has a soothing background score, and graphics are minimal. The blocks should match the block below or the leftover part gets broken off and make the game more difficult. I play Stack every once in a while when I can’t sleep and it works fairly well.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Stack

Play Stack (Android | iOS)

8. Harmony

Category: Puzzle

Harmony is a puzzle game where you create symmetric patterns and harmonic notes. The objective is to solve a puzzle where you have to form a mirror image of a pattern. The taps produce a musical note which fits well with the title. The game features over 1000 levels and would keep you occupied when you can’t sleep.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Harmony

Play Harmony (Android | iOS)

9. Okay?

Category: Casual

Okay, This is the most interesting game in this list. Your aim is to beat the levels where you have to make the ball touch every white item. There are black obstacles in the game but that’s okay if you touch them. Each item has its unique musical note and when you aim the ball correctly, it plays a tune as it hits the tiles. The levels are designed by the users and you can create your own level. There are 150 levels and the new levels keep adding. The game is free and you can donate to the developer, it can range from $0 to anything and it’s okay if you don’t want to donate.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- OKay

Play Okay? (Android | iOS)

10. VOI

Category: Puzzle

VOI is another Puzzle game in the list which pairs calm music with minimalistic gameplay. Your aim is to create the pattern shown in the above circle with pieces below. The levels start as easy at first then quickly becomes more tricky. The only thing you need to remember is that Black + Black = White to solve the puzzles. Personally, I find this game very relaxing with the right amount of music and difficulty.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- VOI

Play VOI (Android | iOS)

11. Meditation Game

Category: Casual

Next, An which reminds you to relax while playing this game. Meditation game has one objective: you just have to move your phone to collect energy dots. The app reminds you to take deep breaths and observe your breathing. The serene background score helps you release stress as you follow the directions which show up on the screen while playing. There are no ads in the game to disturb your session and you can immerse yourself in the ocean like calm gameplay.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Meditation Game

Play Meditation Game (Android | iOS)

12. The Celestial Tree

Category: Simulation

Next, we have an idle clicking game with minimal graphics and white silhouettes for interactive items. Your aim is to keep clicking the screen and gain energy and as you gain energy you get to unlock quests, levels, and even background music. You select from a number of different background music as per your preference. If you want a game where you can interact and listen to calm music, The Celestial Tree is a preferred choice.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Celestial Tree

Play The Celestial Tree (Android | iOS)

13. Dream Walker

Category: Casual

Next, we have Dream Walker where you guide Anna a sleepwalking girl, who goes on an adventure in her dreams. The background music is excellent and as you progress in the game, it gets fast and more difficult. It is an endless runner game where you just control the timing of Anna’s turns which makes it easier to play. I played Dream Walker laying on the side which made me fall asleep fairly quickly. Dream Walker is fun to play with good music.

 Games To Help You Fall Asleep- Dream walker

Play Dream Walker (Android)

Best Games To Help You Sleep?

These were my picks for the Best Games to help you sleep. I play Core because it has a black and white interface that sits very well with the dark environment I play it in. Celestial Tree is for when I feel restless and I want to release some stress. Artbook Story is the most beautiful game because it lets you capture the screenshots once your puzzle is done. Tell us which games do you play before going to bed in the comments below.

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