20+ Best Safari Extensions (2018)

Although not everyone’s choice, Safari is still one of the best web browsers for macOS. We know that Apple keeps a closed environment. However, the case is different when it comes to Safari extensions. In fact, there are some superb Safari extensions that enhance your web browsing experience.

In this article, we have listed some of the best Safari extensions. The extensions are from categories such as productivity, security, shopping etc. You would find at least one Safari extension that suits your need. Shall we start the list, then?

Best Safari Extensions

 #1 Sessions

Sessions is a wonderful Safari extension for browsing session management. When you have more than 10 or 20 tabs open on the Safari window, this extension will help you clear things up. Sessions will auto-save your tab/window information, but you can manually save them too. The next time you want to know what you’d read a few days before, Sessions history would be there to help you. Personally speaking, I use this to save all my research tabs for later reference.

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#2 Adblock Plus

Ads can be annoying while using Safari too. Fortunately, there is Adblock Plus that can block almost all kinds of advertisements you see. That having said, Adblock Plus may allow some types of non-intrusive ads to be displayed. Once you install this Safari extension, you don’t have to worry about those YouTube ads either. It should be noted, however, that many websites would ask you to disable this extension for accessing content. Still, in most instances, Adblock Plus is one of the must-have Safari extensions in 2018. That said, support your favorite content creator by whitelisting their website or YouTube channel on Adblocker.

Adblock Plus

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#3 Save to Pocket

If you read things on the web, Save to Pocket would be a handy addition to the Safari extensions list. It lets you save web articles and video to your Pocket account and read them later. The best part is that Pocket brings you the content in an easily-readable form. It excludes advertisements and unnecessary content. Once synced, your Pocket saves would be available across devices. The next time you find a long article to read, make sure you save it to Pocket.

Save to Pocket

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#4 HoverSee

HoverSee is another awesome Safari extension for most people. It lets you zoom into images and links when you hover the icon on it. For instance, on YouTube, when you hover on a video link, it will show you the video playback in a small section. Trust me, it’s an awesome feature when you want to know what’s up with a video without fully watching it. Personally speaking, I use this extension more often in YouTube than to zoom into images.


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#5 Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is another must-have Safari extension that enhances your productivity. It lets you take screenshots from the current webpage. You can either capture the full page or specify the region. After the screenshot, however, Awesome Screenshot lets you annotate a lot of things. Once you are done, you either save the screenshot, annotate it or share it with others. It’s a pretty solid Safari extension that you would find useful in many instances.

awesome screenshot


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#6 Incognito

Incognito is a wonderful Safari extension for privacy protection. However, it does something so awesome — it prevents big companies like Google and Facebook from tracking you on the web. Once you start using this extension, you’d not see targeted advertisements across the web. In a way or another, Incognito can prevent Google and Facebook from having your complete online picture. It needs to be noted that Incognito lets you decide which services are to be blocked and which aren’t.


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#7 Shortly

Shortly is an amazing productivity extension for Safari. Every once in a while, we need short-links to share a URL on the web. Shortly makes that feature available in a single click. Instead of going through multiple steps to get the short URL, you can simply tap on the Shortly button. In seconds, the extension will show you the goo.gl short-link of the current webpage. It’s as simple as that, you know. Just hit Cmd+C and the short-link would be copied too.


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#8 Pied Piper

Pied Piper is an ultra-productive Safari extension you cannot download from Apple Store (you’ll have to sideload it from Github). However, it brings picture-in-picture functionality to your favorite web services like YouTube. It claims to support Netflix, but it didn’t work in our testing sessions. As of now, you can simply install Pied Piper (download the zip file from the link and click on PiedPiPer.safariextz file) and enjoy the feature in YouTube. Once installed, Pied Piper will display an additional button in the YouTube player UI. A click on the button would launch the video in PiP mode.

Pied Piper

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#9 WasteNoTime

WasteNoTime does exactly what you guessed it would do. It helps you save the time you waste on the web, by tracking what you visit the most. As with the case of most productivity booster tools, WasteNoTime lets you create a block-list. When it’s time, all the websites would be blocked by the system. At the end of the day, you would have to work during the work hours. As far as analytics goes, WasteNoTime shows you the time you’ve spent on each of the main sites.


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#10 Translate

A kind-of must have an extension for Safari, Translate is quite useful if you read around the web. As you know, unlike Chrome, Safari doesn’t have an inbuilt translation feature. So, this extension brings Bing Translate to the browser. The features are still awesome, you know. You can hover over a sentence to see the actual set of words and meaning. When compared to others, Translate does not put much weight on resources either. It’s recommended for all Safari users.


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#11 Nightlight

macOS Mojave comes with the long-awaited Dark Mode option built-in, however, if you haven’t updated it yet but still want the dark mode on websites that you are visiting. It’s like you are getting the Dark Mode for websites. Even if the website has a white color pattern, it would become dark if Nightlight is enabled. While simple websites should work, we’d not recommend Nightlight for complex websites out there. If you spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen at night, you should check this out.


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#12 Honey

If you shop online, Honey can be your best friend in seconds. As you know, many online shops run discount coupons and promotional campaigns. You may not know about all these. Honey has a wonderful database of such coupons and offers. So, Honey will find you the perfect deal and apply it during the checkout. It offers support for a huge number of online shopping sites. Trust us, Honey is one of the best ways to save money while shopping online.


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#13 PriceBlink

We talked about Honey, which lets you find coupons for popular online sites. PriceBlink does something very different — it lets you find whether other retailers are offering the same product for lower price. To get an idea, suppose you are looking for some gaming accessories. There is a chance that an offline retailer may be having a lower price tag. PriceBlink also brings you details about shipping costs, user-reviews, and coupons for certain merchants.



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#14 Keepa

Simply put, Keepa is an Amazon price tracker. It lets you track the price of a product in the past. When you’ve installed this extension, you can see additional Price Tracker section with every Amazon product page. In the sector, it shows a graph of the product price history for upto 3 years. You can also set up alerts to notify when the product price hits a particular point. Even otherwise, Keepa is a great way to know whether the product will be possibly made available for a cheaper rate in the future.



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#15 LastPass

LastPass is one of the best security-focused Safari extensions you can install right now. As you know, it’s not a good habit to use the same password for multiple online services. But, you cannot remember all the different passwords either. LastPass fixes this thing. It will generate and save different passwords for your services. It also offers multi-device syncing; in case you’re interested. To begin, you will have to set a really impressive master password.



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#16 Cleaner for Facebook

Facebook has an effective UI, but ads and sponsored posts make it quite unusable at times. That is why you should start using the Cleaner for Facebook extension for Safari. It removes Facebook ads, sponsored posts, and ticker from the Facebook interface. So, you will be able to enjoy the posts from pages and people you’re following. We also loved the fact that Cleaner for Facebook is pretty clean. It does not even put an icon on the Safari bar.

Cleaner for Facebook


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#17 Instapaper

Instapaper is another extension that lets you save things to read later. However, in this case, you can save a number of different things like articles and videos. We also loved the way how Instapaper presents articles when you want to read. It’s way better than the nasty design even some popular websites have. Because it has official apps available for other devices, Instapaper lets you enjoy reading the favorite articles no matter where you are.


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#18 Wipr

Another security-and-privacy Safari extension, Wipr will help you stay away from trackers and ads. Contrary to other ad-blockers we’ve listed here, Wipr does a great job at keeping you away from big names like Google and Facebook. Even while it removes trackers from your web experience, Wipr does not slow down Safari browser. Altogether, Wipr is one of the best Safari extensions to keep you away from the threats of digital tracking and privacy invasion.


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#19 TrafficLight

TrafficLight is an awesome choice if you need a better security layer over the browsing experience. The best part is that TrafficLight does this without impacting the browsing/download speeds. It does so by restricting the access to the browser itself. Even if a website tries to steal data from your device via background, TrafficLight will prevent that. In case you are wondering about authenticity, TrafficLight is developed by BitDefender, an extremely popular antivirus developer.



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#20 Evernote Web Clipper

Last but definitely not the least, Evernote Web Clipper is an extension to save almost anything you find on the web. As you guessed, you need an Evernote account to do this. Just click the extension button and things will be synced with your account. It works with text, links, images, videos and more. Thanks to multi-device sync, all your data is accessible from other devices. Almost like we did in Pocket and Instapaper, you can clip full-length articles using Evernote Web Clipper.

Evernote Web Clipper


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#21 Grammarly

Finally, this list can’t be completed without my must-have browser extension – Grammarly. Once you installed the app, start typing on your browser like you normally do, for example an email and Grammarly will automatically hightlight the grammertical errors and spelling mistakes with a red underline. Click on the underline words will bring up the correct suggestions. There is also an Grammarly keyboard for Android, if you fancy.


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The Bottom Line

Well, we’ve managed to compile 20 of the best Safari extensions out there. As we said, all of them are still relevant in 2018, which is great. There are some must-have extensions too. For instance, Adblock Plus would help you get rid of those annoying ads. On the other hand, if you are looking for productivity and additional features, you have options like Sessions and WasteNoTime. We’d also recommend utilities like Pied Piper to everyone.

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