How to Get Rid of “Add Your Email to Verify Your Reddit Account” Banner

Recently, I’m getting an intrusive pop up on Reddit, asking me to verify my email. I asked a few of my fellow Redditors in the office and seems like Reddit is doing some experimenting with selective users.

I get it, email helps if you lose your password. However, since I use Chrome’s built-in password manager, there are fewer chances of that happening. On the other hand, I prefer to use Reddit anonymously. That way, I can have my independent opinion on Reddit. And the most annoying part is, nothing happens when you click on the little cross on the popup, but when you click on Add Email button, it brings up the email confirmation pop.

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Now, you can always create a new google account and link it to reddit, but that’s just too much work. A better way is to create a proxy email address using sites like Guerrillamai. It’s free and open source. There is also an inbox so you can even verify it.

Closing words

While this trick should offer you temporary relief, the bigger problem seems to be the direction Reddit is taking. First, they make it difficult to use the mobile site without constantly pushing you to the mobile app. And now, they want the user’s email. Personally, I didn’t expect Reddit to nag about emails. Back in 2012, when I discovered reddit, it used to proud of not having to ask you for your e-mail. Why do they need my e-mail address now? Are they following the likes of Facebook and Google?

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