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How to Remove Cellular Data Limit Exceeded Notification


I recently got an email from one of my subscribers, saying he’s facing an annoying problem on his Android. Here is what he wrote in the email. Hi, Mrinal Recently I had this annoying notification on my Android smartphone running Marshmallow. I exceeded the mobile data limit which I set a …

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Easily View Website’s Source Code on Android and iOS


Let say; you came across an amazing website, and now you are curious about its back-end. But the problem is, you are browsing that site, from your smartphone. If this were your computer, then you would have simply right-clicked on the page and select ‘view page source‘ option. But how …

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Best Video Editing Apps For Android


With the rapid advancement in the smartphones cameras, anyone can now easily shoot high-quality videos. Though the videos taken from the devices may be too long or broken, we may need a video editing tool to give a final touch. We tested dozens of video editing apps on Google play and …

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Find Out Who’s Connected to Your WiFi Network

Your router’s lights are blinking, but no one is using it. Or you are not getting the internet speed; you paid for. Chances are, your neighbour is using your WiFi without your knowledge. Or let just say, for any other reason you want to see what devices are connected to my network. Also …

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Best Camera Apps For Android


Whether you buy an expensive or a budget smartphone, you often get the same stock camera app. But you don’t have to stick with them. There are plenty of 3rd party camera apps for Android that can help you shoot some amazing photos. Say you bought a Windows machine which …

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5 Best Free VPN Service For 2016

Best Free VPN -

With the government blocking and monitoring your logs, and the security and privacy at stake, the VPN had never been much of an importance. Sadly, not many free VPN services are convincing, secure, and reliable. So, we have hunted the web for some of the best free VPN that are …

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[Sponsored] KeepVid Pro: Download Any Video From the Internet?

KeepVid Pro 2

Downloading Videos from the popular sites (like YouTube, Instagram, etc.) is easy. Simply copy the video’s URL and paste it on any online video downloading service like KeepVid. This method is free and works on both the mobile and desktop browser. But what if you want to download from less popular websites? or in …

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How to Find and Change MAC Address

Change MAC Address

Every device that connects to the Internet; whether it’s a Computer, Smartphone, Chromecast, or even a Smart TV; they all have unique identifier hardwired in their Network card. This unique ID is a 12 digit alphanumeric key called — MAC (Media Access Control) address. A typical MAC address looks something like …

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7 Best Background Blur Camera App For Android

Blur Image - DSLR Focus Effect

We all like the shallow depth of field effect that we get in photos taken by a DSLR Camera. It brings the subject in focus, while the background gets a subtle blur effect. Thankfully everyone has a smartphone with a decent mobile camera. Although you can not create a DSLR-Style blurred background …

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Useful NirSoft Utilities That Every Windows User Should Try


While some applications are essential, like – Chrome and WinRAR, etc., there’s another class of apps called ‘NirSoft Utilities’ that gets less attention. NirSoft Utilities are small programs that can perform many of the Windows tasks with ease, like monitoring your network, recover lost password, extract media of your previously …

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