Use Project Naptha to Copy and Edit Text Inside Images

So finally we have an online tool or better called it chrome extension that can copy, erased or even change & translate text present inside an image. Even tough there are tools like GT text and OneNote that can copy the text from images, but they still lack the support to edit or translate text. Thus making this chrome extension so special.

project naptcha copy and edit text on the images

This extension called Project Naptha, is useful when you have to quickly search a string inside the image or change text on PDF file or even translate part of text that is in other language. Even tough all this can be done using various tools like GT text, Photoshop and pdfescape etc but using an browser extension that can do all these task will save a lot of time.

 copy and edit text on the images online

To get started download and install Project Naptha from chrome store. After successful installation you will notice your mouse pointer turns into I shape when it is hover on the text inside the image. Simply highlight the text and you will see semi transparent blue border around the text. And Right click on it will give you various options like copy, edit or translate the text.

Since it’s a chrome extension it works only for images present online, so if you have copy or edit text from the images present in your hard drive then you will have to check mark “Allow access to file URLs” option from your chrome extension page. And then simple drag and drop your images on chrome to start working on it.

project naptcha

Kevin Kwok- the developer of this chrome extension; says that he has use optical character recognition technology to develop the chrome extension. Some feature like edit and translate text is still under beta stage. Therefore you might see some imperfection while handling multicolored images or non standard fonts and language other than English. But overall it’s a nice extension that every internet power user should have.


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