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How to Copy Instagram Comments on iPhone and Android

by Parth Shah
copy instagram comment on iPhone and Android

Instagram continues to thrive in a growing social media space. While it offers tons of features such as Reels, Stories, endless filters, etc., the Facebook-owned app does come with one glaring limitation. There is no way to copy a comment on Instagram mobile apps. You can’t simply long-press and copy a comment on Instagram. Don’t worry though for there is a workaround. Using the trick below, users can easily copy comments on Instagram. 

Copy Comments on Instagram

Maybe you came across a funny comment or replay during Instagram browsing and now you want to copy the comment to post it somewhere. As soon as you try to copy the comment the standard way, the copy pop-up just won’t appear. 

You can always take a screenshot of the comment, but it doesn’t serve the purpose. Using the trick below, you can easily copy comments on Instagram in a minute. Let’s start with the Instagram iOS app. 

Copy Comments on Instagram iPhone App

First, we will showcase how to copy Instagram comments on iPhone and then move to the Instagram Android app.

1. Open Instagram on iPhone. 

2. Go to the post from which you want to copy the comment. 

3. Don’t open the comments thread for now. Instead, tap on the three-dot menu from the main post. 

instagram menu in iphone

4. Select the Copy link

copy instagram link on iPhone

5. Open Safari or Google Chrome or your preferred browser on iPhone. 

Note: In the screenshots below, we will use Safari for references as it’s the default option on iPhone. 

6. Paste the copied link in the address bar and hit go.

7. If you haven’t logged in to Instagram web on mobile, Instagram will ask you to login again. 

8. Instagram will open the post that you copied from the native app. 

9. Expand the comments section. Now try to copy the comment and you won’t get the Copy pop-up. The reason? We are still using the Instagram mobile web version. 

10. Tap on the webpage settings menu in the address bar and select Request Desktop Website

open instagram desktop on iPhone

11. The page will reload with the Instagram desktop version.

12. Open the comments thread but you won’t see any comment in the portrait mode.

13. Rotate your iPhone in landscape and you will see post comments appearing from the side menu. 

instagram comment copied

14. Long-press on the comment that you want to copy and tap on the Copy pop-up.

You can now paste the comment elsewhere and reuse it.

Copy Comments on Instagram Android App

The steps are almost identical to the iPhone trick on Android but this time around, we will use the Google Chrome browser to copy Instagram comments. 

1. Open Instagram on Android and go to the post from which you want to copy comment. 

instagram more menu

2. Tap on the three-dot menu at the top and select the Copy link

copy link on android

3. Open Google Chrome and paste the link. You might require to log in again and past the link.

4. You still can’t copy the comment as we are on the Instagram mobile webpage. Convert it to the desktop version. 

menu in chrome

5. Tap on the More menu at the top and enable the Desktop site toggle. 

desktop site on android

6. Chrome will reload the Instagram page and present you with a desktop UI. Unlike iPhone, you don’t need to rotate the phone here.

7. Zoom in to the comments thread and find the comment that you want to copy.

8. Long-press on the comments and select the entire or a part of comments. Tap on Copy and you are good to go. 

Copy Comments on Instagram Desktop

It’s a standard affair when it comes to copying Instagram comments from the desktop version. You can log in to Instagram web on PC or Mac, go to any post and copy comments as usual. There are no limitations here like we have on Instagram mobile apps. 

Instagram Comments FAQ

Why Can’t I Copy Instagram Comments from Mobile Apps?

With Instagram’s growing popularity, the company wants to prevent copy-paste spam across the platform. That’s why it has disabled the copy functions for comments. 

Can I Copy Text from Instagram Stories?

No, you can’t copy text from Instagram Stories. Text in Instagram Stories works similarly to text in YouTube videos. You can’t copy it. 

Wrapping Up: Copy Instagram Comments 

The steps above may sound too much of a work to copy Instagram comments on mobile. But once you get hang of it, it will barely take a couple of minutes to copy Instagram comments on iPhone or Android. It can also be useful when you want to copy a compliment on a photo or product on Instagram as a testimonial and share it across other platforms. 

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