7 Android and iOS Apps to Quit Smoking This Year

I recently wrote a guide on some of the best apps to quit drinking. It was well received by our readers who recommended it to their friends and family members who are struggling to stay sober. This motivated me to write another one, this time we will cover apps to quit smoking. Again, I will cover both Android and iOS platform.

When you are smoking, you are not only destroying your health, you are also harming those who are around you. They are forced to inhale that toxic smoke. This is called passive smoking. CDC estimates that more than 4,80,000 people die from smoking every year in the US alone, including over 40,000 who die from passive smoking.

Let’s take a look at some apps that can help you break this habit and quit smoking not only for your own sake but also for those who live with you, whom you care for. Plus, think of all the money and time you will save. Let’s begin.

Best Quit Smoking Apps

1. Smoke Free – David Crane

Smoke Free is a popular quit smoking app by David Crane, a well-known PhD holder that has created science-backed methods to help users quit smoking. There are many smokers who were able to kick this habit thanks to this app.

quit smoking apps 1

It comes with a counter to count the days you have not smoked, the money you saved, and share interesting facts and metrics about on how your health is improving with every day. You will also get to know how many days you have added to your life which is really inspiring. There is an option to record your thoughts in notes. A good way to pen down your journey and share it with fellow users, if you want.

quit smoking apps 2

Finally, there are the daily missions that will give you one task to complete every day. The app claims to help smokers improve their self-esteem and keep their cravings at bay.

Smoke Free is free to use with no ads but there are in-app purchases, weekly subscription starting at $.0.99, to unlock missions which is where all the magic happens. You are given alternate tasks to complete on timings when you usually smoke.

Download Smoke Free: Android iOS

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2. My Last Cigarette

Everyone knows that smoking cigarette is injurious to health but we don’t really know exactly how dangerous it is. My Last Cigarette uses scare tactics to help you quit smoking. Data based on medical research will be shown like how health improves, increase in lifespan, decreased heart and cancer risks, improvement in functions of various organs like lung, and so on.

quit smoking apps 3

The moment you start reading these facts, you will realize exactly how dangerous smoking can be and how much your health has actually increased since you stopped smoking. You will be greeted with a new fact every day and as you progress through the stages, you will notice that your life expectancy and general health will improve.

quit smoking apps 4

The app is free to use and ad-supported. There are no in-app purchases.

Download My Last Cigarette: iOS

3. Stop Smoking – EasyQuit

Another one of the apps to quit smoking which uses scientific data and health-related statistics to motivate you on the path to quit smoking. With each passing day that you don’t smoke, you will see how your health is improving and how different parts and organs of your body improve. This alone can be a great motivator.

quit smoking apps 6

Health metrics include blood circulation, oxygen levels, taste and smell, mental health, stress, the risk of heart diseases, cancer risks, and lung diseases. Phew. Smoking is damaging pretty much your entire body. Nicotine addiction is hard to give up because the body is so dependent on it. Easy Quit comes with a Slow Mode plan that will help you quit smoking but slowly. When you can’t fight the urge, you can try the memory game instead to keep your mind occupied.

quit smoking apps 5

As time passes, you will know how much you have saved and earn badges for achieving milestones. This Android app to quit smoking is free to use and ad-supported. There is an in-app purchase of $2.99 to remove ads.

Download Stop Smoking – EasyQuit: Android

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4. MyQuit Coach

Live Strong is a very popular health and fitness destination with millions of users forming an active community. MyQuit Coach is their app to quit smoking and it has been designed beautifully. Besides the active counter that you see on the home screen, there are two buttons. I smoked and I’m craving. When you choose the later, you will be greeted with a random motivation message and they are really good.

quit smoking apps 7

When you choose the former and give in to your cravings, your counter resets to show you how many cigarettes you smoked, what was the cost, and how it affects your health. There is a tab called Community where you can see messages from other quitters and talk with them.

quit smoking apps 8

A beautiful app that you will feel like using and once you get in the habit of using it, it will become easier to quit smoking with this app. I believe the community is key to success and gaining control over smoking addiction. The app is free to use and comes with ads that can be removed with a $0.99 in-app purchases. All features are there in the free version.

Download MyQuit Coach: iOS

5. Quit Genius

Have you noticed, you tend to smoke more often and more frequently when you are with friends or when you are under stress? Different smokers have different points which when the trigger, it leads them to either start smoking again or smokes more frequently.

quit smoking apps 10

Quit Genius works on identifying these points and then offer guided sessions on how to overcome these situations and quit smoking effectively. Quit Genius comes with professional coaches that will help identify patterns and habits and then work with you to break them.

quit smoking apps 9

This quit smoking app comes with therapy sessions to understand behavioral patterns, audio guides, interactive quizzes to keep your mind busy, and motivational reminders to help you stay on track to becoming a non-smoker.

The app is free to download but comes with in-app purchases starting $10.99 and goes up to $149. Can be expensive but if it works on you, it is worth it, no?

Quit Genius: AndroidiOS

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6. Quit Now

Like most apps to quit smoking that we discussed before, Quit Now uses the tried and tested formula to help you quit smoking cigarettes. There are four key factors: money saved, motivation badges, community support, and health benefits.

quit smoking apps 11

The UI is functional and looks good. All the stats you need are easy to view on a single screen. You can then dig deeper by going into their individual tabs. There is a very active community if you feel like talking or sharing. Then there are achievements that will unlock as you progress. The health meter will tell you how your health has improved since the day you quit smoking.

quit smoking apps 12

The app also has an FAQ section which was compiled from the archives of WHO (World Health Organization) which is a very credible resource. Finally, there is a chatbot that you can try.

Download Quit Now: Android

7. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

The last app in the list of quit smoking apps list which adopts a minimalist design to keep things simple and the app size small. A very active community with many smokers who claim to have quit smoking thanks to Cessation Nation. It will not only show your personal stats, but also of the entire community which is pretty mind-boggling to look at.

quit smoking apps 13

There are some simple but classic games like Tic-Tac-Toe that you can play when you are free and don’t want to smoke, but keep your mind busy and occupied. Then there are the health-related stats that will tell you how your body has transformed and improved since the day you quit smoking.

The app is free to use and comes with ads which are not obstructive.

Download Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation: Android

The Best Quit Smoking App?

There are many apps to help you quit smoking and you regain not only control over your health life, but also your financial life. The question is which one suits your needs and whether you are able to stay focused and committed to the program. An app is only as good as the person using it.

So, make sure you follow the advice and do everything that you are asked to do in the app. Only then will the system work. If the urge is unbearable, reach out to the community, both online and offline.

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