9 Android and iOS Apps to Quit Drinking This Year: Beat Alcohol Addiction

Another year is upon us and we are all ready with our new year resolutions. Frankly, I don’t know why we need to wait for the new year to make resolutions that will do us good in the long run. You can make them any time. Anyway, getting to the point, you want to quit drinking, for good and real this time.

There have been numerous studies on the health benefits of beer and whiskey, but they are only good when consumed in moderate quantities, and occasionally. Not when you fail to remember what happened last night kinda drinking. Excessive drinking, be it beer or any alcohol, is not only bad for your health but also your pocket.

It’s an expensive addiction and the unspeakable acts that people do when they are in inebriated form are often shared on social media. Sometimes they are funny, other times not! Because there is an app for everything, there are also apps that will motivate you, guide you, and basically help you quit drinking and fight the addiction when the urge is strongest.

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Best Quit Drinking Apps

1. Sober Time

First app to quit drinking is Sober Time. Have you heard people quote the number of days they have been sober? The longer the streak, the better your chances of beating alcohol addiction. Sober Time is a counter app with a very active community. You are not alone in this journey. You can discuss your issues and get help and tips from others. The app will also show motivational messages to encourage you.

Apps to Quit Drinking 2

Sober Time will add a timer on your home screen, widget, that will count the days since when you have not touched alcohol. Also, there are many milestones to reach. Right from your first five minutes to the big 90 and beyond. You can also set your own goals. Milestones and goals are a good way to stay encouraged.

Apps to Quit Drinking 1

The app is free to use and ad-supported. You can remove ads with an in-app purchase. Other upgrades involve custom fonts, backgrounds, and widget.

Download Sober Time: Android I iOS

2. Quit Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has made a name for himself in the alcohol addiction community for his tips and real-life examples that are presented in an easy to understand language. The app comes with an audio guide that will hypnotize you, yes, into quitting drinking. Users have reported it to have worked on them. Since then, it has gained in popularity.

Apps to Quit Drinking 14

You will listen to motivational thoughts with music that will put you into a trance-like state where you will begin to implement what you have been preached. The idea is to relax, but without consuming alcohol, and break the circle of habit that makes us go back to drinking. Overall, if you are looking for a stop drinking alcohol hypnosis app, this is the app you need.

Apps to Quit Drinking 15

This unique app to quit drinking will cost you $2.99. Well, if it works on you, you will save far more than a couple of bucks for sure.

Download Quit Drinking with Andrew Johnson: Android I iOS

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3. 24 Hours a Day

24 Hours a Day is a book that was published in 1954 and since then has been referred by countless addicts who have found the timeless teachings of the book a blessing. The app recaptures the essence of the book for the modern world. The premise is simple yet effective.

Apps to Quit Drinking 3

You will receive one thought, prayer, and meditation every day for one year. The thinking is that if you can go without drinking alcohol for one year, you are pretty much sober for the rest of your life. You have broken the habit. If you find yourself walking back on the beaten path, begin from day 1.

Apps to Quit Drinking 4

Like a particular message? Bookmark it. Forgot to bookmark? Search for it by keyword. The below proverb, taken from the Sanskrit language and mentioned in the opening pages of the book, has since then become famous in the sobriety world.

For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision – Kalidas

The app will cost you $5.99 but is worth every penny. Not only because it will help beat the addiction, but also because it teaches you so much about life in general.

Download 24 Hours a Day: Android | iOS

4. Coach.me

Coach.me, earlier known as Lift, is a life coach app with a community ranging in millions. The app is very popular as a category for pretty much everything including alcohol addiction. Just download the app, add your tasks and goals and begin tracking goals.

Apps to Quit Drinking 6

Coach.me will remind you to stay sober every day and you can check in to mark the day as sober. The community will help you with any questions you might have, however, in my experience, most of the questions have already been answered so just search and surf around a bit.

Apps to Quit Drinking 5

The app is free to use and comes with a cool blue UI. If you are looking for professional coaching, that will cost you depending on your coach. There are experts and each one charge differently.

Download Coach.me: Android iOS

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5. 12 Steps Companion

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship program that has its humble beginnings within an Oxford University group. The idea was to create a 12-step program to help alcoholics recover, build character and new habits, and beat alcohol addiction. With offices around the world, the app is aimed to provide you access to the famous Big Book right in your hands.

Apps to Quit Drinking 7

Members are encouraged to stay anonymous in public eyes and help fellow alcoholics. They have their centers in most big cities in the world. The organization is famous for its altruistic, unaffiliated, non-coercive, and non-hierarchical structure where the core principles remain the same. One of the primary reasons why it is so successful. Do try it. It costs just $2.99.

Download 12 Steps Companion: Android | iOS


NOMO is one of the most popular apps to quit drinking. It was designed by two recovering alcoholics who thought it was necessary to be accountable to someone you know in order to be able to keep the addiction at bay. This is the thought that inspired them to create the app.

Apps to Quit Drinking 8

You begin by creating a sobriety clock, no limit on the number, and assign a contact to be accountable to. The partner will have your contact details. Now, your job is to stay sober and check in with your partner every day. Every time you drink, the clock resets and the partner will be notified by a notification. When you feel the urge, try one of the distraction exercises.

Apps to Quit Drinking 9

It has a very active community where people are willing and always available to help fellow addicts who are also recovering. The journey becomes much easier when you have someone you can count on. NOMO wants to help you stay sober, together.

Download NOMO: Android | iOS

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8. I Am Sober

A lot of people who consume alcohol also consume other substances at the same time. Examples could be cigarettes to various kinds of drugs. This further complicates the issue and make it difficult to quit drinking. I Am Sober understands this which is why you get an option to select exactly what you are consuming with alcohol.

Apps to Quit Drinking 11

The app will then send you notifications with motivational quotes and meditation to help you stay sober. There is a counter which has become standard is pretty much all addiction apps. You will be greeted with success messages on achieving important milestones.

Apps to Quit Drinking 10

Write down your reason for staying sober. Find something that is strong, something that will motivate you on your journey. Like to keep notes or a journal? You can take notes and write how you feel and what happened during the day. You can schedule the time when you will get your daily notifications, and calculate the amount you have saved by not drinking. Finally, if you are still finding it difficult to stay sober, the app will help you find rehab centers.

I Am Sober is free to use but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download I Am Sober: Android | iOS

9. Sober Grid

The last app to help you quit drinking. Finding people who are going through the same feelings as you can be difficult, especially in this busy world. Sober Grid wants to help by creating a community of people who are fighting to stay sober, just like you. It will use GPS to locate people who are near you, so you can go meet them and have a heart-to-heart conversation, share tips, and motivate each other.

Apps to Quit Drinking 13

It is easier to stay sober if you have a partner to be accountable to. This way, you can keep tabs on each other and be there when the urge is tougher to keep at bay. You can also chat with them from within the app and send private messages.

Other features like sobriety counter, calendar, and goals are all there. The is not free but comes with a subscription model which costs $3.99/month. No ads.

Download Sober Grid: Android | iOS

Wrapping Up: Android and iOS Apps to Quit Drinking

There are a number of apps to quit drinking but there is just one that is perfect for you. I would suggest you to try them and see which one suits you better. There are apps with counters, community, local support groups, and online coaching. Whatever it takes, make sure you don’t go down that route ever again.

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