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13 Must Have Xposed Modules of All Time

Xposed Framework

Now, I don’t root my Android (or even suggest other to do so) as much as I used to do a few years back. However, Xposed Module still remains one of the biggest reason to root my Android. What are Xposed modules and how to install it? In case you don’t know, Xposed modules …

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10 Awesome Things You Can do With Lightning Launcher


Don’t like the way your Android’s home screen look? Change your Launcher. Launchers have the biggest impact on Android customization. And thankfully there are many options to choose from. Up until now, I was a fan of Nova launcher (and don’t get me wrong, I still am). But recently, I got some time to …

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15 Best Tasker Plugins to Completely Automate Your Android

Best Tasker Plugins

Whenever we talk about automation in Android, Tasker is the first thing that comes to our mind. If you are an Android power user then you have definitely heard (or might have also used) Tasker – the best automation app for Android. It’s a paid app that cost $4 and totally …

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45 Best Root Apps For Android


A few years back,  you would have to root your Android device to even take a screenshot and record the Android screen, etc. But thankfully, rooting is not a necessity now; it’s more of a luxury. If you are one of the control freaks that want to control each and every aspect …

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How to Convert Ebooks into Audiobooks on Android


I always prefer Audiobooks over physical ones, since they are faster, put less strain on the eyes; and most importantly, unlike reading, you can listen to audiobooks anywhere you want, like while driving, cooking or before going to bed, etc. And recently, I canceled my Audible subscription because of two reasons. …

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Pushbullet vs Join | What to Choose?


You’re sitting in front of your computer and have put your Android phone somewhere on your bed! Suddenly a notification is there, and you want to check that. But, haven’t you thought it would be easier if you can open that notification on your computer screen? Well, if you have, …

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10 Android Apps for WhtatsApp Power User


With more than 1 billion active users, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the market. And since you are reading this post, chances are you are among those one billion. Now, here is the thing I always believe, if you are doing something frequent, then do …

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15 Best Icon Packs for Android


Nova launcher is one of the most powerful and intuitive Android launcher ever. But honestly, I don’t find it very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The plain interface gets annoying and repetitive after a while. And to fill those voids, I use custom icon packs. I like the icon packs …

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Where to find Paid Android Apps on Sale


Everyone love discounts. Remember, when the nova launcher prime was sold for 10 cents. Or when Cerberus- the popular anti-theft app for Android, was giving away free lifetime licenses to the early birds. So, do you often miss deals like that? Earlier, before buying a paid app, I used to …

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Pocket Cast v/s Podcast Addict | What to choose?

Pocket cast v/s Podcast Addict

I like podcasts. It’s the easiest way to consume information. You can listen to it while you driving to work, doing household chores or before falling asleep. Now, If you haven’t listened to podcasts or audiobook before, then this video will get you started. However, if you are doing this …

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