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9 Fixes for Peacock TV Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick

by Parth Shah
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Peacock TV is one of the must-have streaming services for cord-cutters. While NBC’s flagship service is available on most smart TV platforms, they are not completely bug-free. Many Fire TV Stick users complained about Peacock TV not working on the Fire TV Stick. If you have faced the same, here are some solutions and fixes we found.

1. Check Network Connection

Most Peacock TV titles are available in 4K resolution. You need to have a reliable high-speed internet connection on your Fire TV Stick to stream such titles without any glitches. FireStick comes with a default tool to confirm an active internet connection and its speeds. Here’s how to use it.

1. Head to Fire TV Stick home and move to the Settings menu.

2. Select Network.

3. Click your current Wi-Fi network and press the play/pause button on the FireStick remote.

4. Check the current network connection. You can run a speed test from the same menu and confirm a high-speed network.  

2. Restart Fire TV Stick

Most FireStick users keep their devices on sleep so that it’s ready to use in a couple of seconds. You can reboot your device and try playing your favorite titles on Peacock TV.

1. Go to FireStick Settings and open My Fire TV.

2. Select Restart.

3. Check Peacock TV Subscription

If your Peacock TV subscription has expired, you may face issues with playing the app content. Here’s how to check Peacock TV subscription details and update payment details if required.

1. Head to Peacock TV web and sign in with your account details.

2. Go to your account and check your subscription due date. If your plan has expired, renew it and try again.

4. Check Simultaneous Connections

Whether on a Peacock Premium or a Peacock Premium Plus plan, you are allowed up to three simultaneous connections. You may soon hit the device limit if you have shared your Peacock TV plan with friends and family.

You need to sign out from unnecessary devices or change the Peacock TV password to prevent others from piggybacking on your active plan. A simple but yet solution when Peacock TV is not working on Fire Stick.

5. Check Peacock TV Servers

If the Peacock TV servers are down, you face issues with loading the app content on FireStick and other devices. To confirm the issue, head to Downdetector and search for Peacock TV. If you notice high outage graphs and user comments complaining about the same, wait for some time.

Once Peacock TV servers are up and running, open the app on FireStick and play content without streaming glitches.

6. Force Stop Peacock TV

You can force-stop Peacock TV on FireStick and try again.

1. Go to FireStick Settings—open Applications.

2. Select Manage Installed Applications.

3. Scroll to Peacock TV.

4. Hit Force Stop.

7. Clear Peacock TV Cache

Peacock TV collects cache in the background to improve the app performance on FireStick. When the app collects a corrupt cache, you face issues with streaming on-demand content. You need to clear Peacock TV cache and try again.

1. Open the Applications menu in FireStick Settings (check the steps above).

2. Select Manage Installed Applications.

3. Scroll to Peacock TV.

4. Hit Clear cache.

8. Reinstall Peacock TV

If nothing else worked and Peacock TV is still not working on your Fire TV Stick, you need to reinstall the app and try again.

1. Open the Applications menu on FireStick. Select Peacock TV.

2. Press the options menu and click Uninstall from the bottom right corner.

3. Head to the Amazon AppStore and download Peacock TV. Sign in with your account details and try again.

9. Update Fire OS

An outdated Fire OS build can cause issues with installed apps on your device. You should install the latest Fire OS version and try again.

1. Go to the My Fire TV menu in FireStick Settings (check the steps above).

2. Select About.

3. Select check for updates and install the latest software version on your device.

Now, launch Peacock TV and catch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Get Peacock TV Up and Running

Peacock TV is home to some of the best TV shows and sports events like Sunday Night Football, Super Bowl, WWE content, 50+ channels, and much more. You should also disable any VPN connection since the service is available in the US region only. Peacock TV not working on Fire TV Stick can spoil your weekend plans. Go through the steps above and troubleshoot Peacock TV glitches on your streaming device in no time.  

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