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Top 11 Fixes for Telegram Not Working on Wi-Fi

by Parth Shah
Fix Telegram not working on Wi-Fi

Telegram offers feature-rich mobile and desktop apps. However, Telegram isn’t far from perfect. Many have complained about Telegram not syncing contacts or working properly on Wi-Fi. The latter can be quite irritating and may force you to switch to mobile data on your phone. Here are the best ways to fix Telegram not working on Wi-Fi.

Note: Many have also raised issues with media auto-download not working on Wi-Fi. You should head to Telegram Settings > Data and Storage and enable the When connected to Wi-Fi toggle under the Automatic media download menu.

1. Restart Router

If your home or office router is acting up, restart it and try using Telegram on a Wi-Fi network. You should turn off the router and power it on after a couple of minutes.

2. Check Wi-Fi Plan

While most operators offer unlimited data on their Wi-Fi plans, some may put a cap on data consumption. You should purchase a data pack on your Wi-Fi plan and try again.  

3. Check for Wi-Fi Outage

Do you face Wi-Fi issues on all your connected devices? Your Wi-Fi operator may be facing a server-side outage. You can search for the Wi-Fi operator’s name on Downdetector and confirm the problem.

4. Connect to 5GHz Frequency

Telegram and other installed apps on your Android phone may not work properly on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency. You should connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency and start downloading large files without any issues.

A 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency offers faster Wi-Fi speeds and a robust network connection on the go.

5. Disable VPN

Telegram may act weird on an active VPN connection on your phone. When you connect to a VPN server, it changes the IP address on the phone. Telegram may detect it as a new location and prevents you from using the app.

fix vpn is not working on iphone

Besides, Telegram is banned in several regions worldwide. When you connect to one of the servers in such regions, you can’t access Telegram. It’s time to disable VPN on your phone and try again.

6. Turn off Low Data on Wi-Fi

You have the option to enable the low data mode on Wi-Fi on your iPhone. It helps reduce your iPhone data usage over specific Wi-Fi networks. When the option is enabled, the system may pause background tasks, downloading process on Telegram, and Photos syncing.

1. Open Settings on iPhone.

2. Select Wi-Fi and tap ‘i’ beside your preferred Wi-Fi network.

3. Disable the Low Data Mode toggle.

7. Disable Mobile Data and Try Again

It is another effective trick to fix Telegram not working on Wi-Fi. You can disable mobile data on your phone and try using the app on a Wi-Fi network only.

Android users can swipe down from the home screen and tap on the Internet toggle. Disable the mobile data toggle. If you have an iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner to open the Control Center and disable the mobile data option.  

8. Check Telegram Servers

When the Telegram servers face an outage, the app doesn’t work on Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can visit Downdetector and search for Telegram. When the app servers are down, you notice major outage spikes and user comments complaining about the same.

You have no option but to wait for Telegram to fix server-side issues. Meanwhile, you can follow Telegram on Twitter and other social media platforms to check the status.

9. Force Stop Telegram

Does Telegram often act up on your Android phone? You need to force top Telegram and try using it over Wi-Fi.

1. Long-tap on the Telegram app icon and open the app info menu.

2. Tap Force stop.

Launch Telegram and start using it again.

10. Clear Telegram Cache

A corrupt Telegram cache may cause issues with the app on Wi-Fi. It’s time to clear the Telegram cache and try again.

1. Head to the Telegram app info menu (check the steps above).

2. Select Storage and cache and tap Clear cache.

Since Telegram is collecting cache from scratch, you may notice higher loading times on the app. 

11. Update Telegram

Telegram frequently updates its mobile and desktop apps with new features and bug fixes. You can update Telegram to the latest version to fix the app not working on Wi-Fi.

Enjoy a Flawless Telegram Experience

Users often receive large video files on Telegram. You may need to use a fast Wi-Fi network to download such videos on the platform. Telegram not working on Wi-Fi may cause you trouble at times. The tricks above should troubleshoot the problem in no time.

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