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How to Get YouTube Video Notifications on Discord Using Bots

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Want to inform your followers as soon as you have uploaded a video on YouTube? A better way to do it is to automate the action where ever possible. Thankfully, on Discord, we have bots that can make this happen. Once the setup is done, the bot will notify everyone on the Discord server of your latest video as soon as you have uploaded it to the specified channel. Here are some of the best bots and ways to get YouTube video notifications on Discord.

Get YouTube Video Notifications on Discord Using Bots

Let’s start with a dedicated Discord bot to send notifications.

1. Pingcord

Pingcord is a Discord bot to get automatic notifications from different services such as Twitch, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, etc along with YouTube. Also, the setup is fairly easy.

1. Open the Pingcord website, and click on the Login to Pingcord button, and log in with your discord account.

Logging into Pingcord

2. Once logged in, it will list all the servers you can control with your Discord account. Select the server that you want to add Pingcord bot.

Selecting the server

3. On the Pingcord dashboard, it will show all the services Pingcord can connect with and send notifications on the left sidebar. Just select YouTube from the list.

Selecting YouTube on Pingcord

4. Here, click on the +New Integration button to connect YouTube with Discord. Also, remember, with the free version, you can only integrate one service.

Adding a new integration on Pingcord

5. Now select the Discord channel to which you like to receive the notifications.

YouTube integration to Discord with pingcord

6. In the Integration Options below, you can choose the message. By default, Pingcord will give you a default message that pings everyone with @everyone tag. You can change the message to your liking and can also change who receives the ping.

Pingcord setting YouTube notification message

7. You can also set a list of criteria such as ping only on specific days or times or when the video is about a specific topic. Leave this section if you like to get pinged with every video.

8. In the YouTube Channels section below, you can add URLs of up to 3 channels. If you like to get notifications from more channels, you need a premium account.

Entering the YouTube channel to get notified on Pingcord

9. Once done, click on Save.

Now when the added channels upload videos on YouTube, the bot will notify with the chosen message in the channel you have added.

2. Carl Bot

Unlike Pingcord, Carl is a multi-purpose bot that offers moderation control, permission system, welcome message, reaction roles, and more along with notifications management. The real advantage is that you can add as many channels to get notified instead of just three. But the set-up process isn’t as intuitive as you cannot set it from the dashboard. Instead, you need to rely on commands.

1. First, open the Carl website and click on the Log in with Discord button, and grant permission.

Logging with Discord on Carl Bot

2. Now select the server in which you want to receive YouTube notifications.

Selecting the server on Carl Bot

3. It will open the Carl bot dashboard, but the remaining process has to be done on the Discord server itself. Open Discord and open the server that you have added the bot.

4. Now open the channel where you want to get YouTube notifications. On that channel, enter the command !yt [YouTube Channel Link] [Message]. Carl bot already comes with a default message, so you don’t have to configure again if you don’t want to.

Adding YouTube channel to Carl Bot

5. But if you want to write a custom messsage, you have some variables to take advantages like {link}, {title} {author} {url}, etc. Here’s an example message ⏤ @everyone {author} has uploaded a new video {title}. Here’s the link {link}.

6. Once sent, you will start getting notifications from the specified YouTube channel whenever they upload a new video.

You can use the command as many times as you need to add as many YouTube channels as you want. Here are some commands to control the bot.

  • !yt list will list all the channels that you have added to get notified.
  • !yt unsub [YouTube Channel Link] to unsubscribe from the channel to stop getting notifications.
Carl bot youtube notification unsub
  • !yt move [YouTube Channel Link] [Channel] to move the notifications to the other channel that you can specify here.

3. Mee 6

Unfortunately, MEE6 made this feature a paid option recently costing $11.95 per month now. But MEE6 comes with a lot of other features which makes it worth the upgrade. If you like to purchase the premium or are already a premium user, here’s how you can set up to get YouTube notifications on Discord.

1. Open the MEE6 Dashboard and log in with your Discord account. Now select the server where you want to receive message notifications for YouTube.

2. In the dashboard, scroll down and select the YouTube option.

Mee 6 opening YouTube

3. Search for the Twitch username of the streamer, select the channel to receive notifications, and then add a custom message to explain what it is.

4. Here enter the YouTube channel name, message and then select the Discord channel to which you like to get the message. Once done, click on Save.

The bot will start sending notifications whenever the mentioned YouTube channel uploads a video.

Wrapping Up: YouTube Notifications on Discord

Pingcord, Carl bot, and MEE6 work great to send YouTube notifications on Discord. Pingcord is easy to set up, but free versions can only add 3 channels. Whereas Carl bot is completely free, but the set-up process can only be done using commands. In MEE6, this is a paid feature.

You can also try out the YouTube Discord bot which is completely free just like Carl bot. Other than using Discord bots, there are services like IFTTT and Zapier. But they are marginally slow compared to bots as they are third-party services.

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