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How to Share ChatGPT Conversations

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Share ChatGPT Conversations

Had a funny or interesting conversation with ChatGPT? While you can share a screenshot or use extensions that help you to do so, a better sharing option is now directly integrated into ChatGPT itself. In this article, we will explain how you can share your ChatGPT conversations, who can access them, how to unshare, etc.

How to Share ChatGPT Conversations

Any ChatGPT conversation can be shared with the help of a share link that is generated on the fly. Anyone with the link will be able to access your conversation. Here’s how to generate a share link to share ChatGPT conversations.

1. On the ChatGPT website, select the conversation that you want to share and open it.

2. Once you are in that conversation, you should get 3 icons beside the title in the left sidebar. Just click on the Share icon in the middle.

Share option on ChatGPT Conversation

3. It will open a pop-up window. By default, you will be sharing the conversation anonymously. If you prefer to include your name in the conversation. click on the meatballs icon (three-dot icon) and then select the Share your name option to include the name.

Share your name on ChatGPT Conversation

4. Once done and ready to share, click on the Copy Link button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up window. Now you can share this link with anyone you want to share the ChatGPT conversation with.

Copy Link option on ChatGPT Conversation Sharing

5. Anyone can open the link and read the conversation without a ChatGPT account. In fact, you can click on the Continue this conversation button to continue the conversation directly on their ChatGPT too. However, opening the conversation will not be saved in their chat history on the left sidebar.

Continue this conversation

6. You can also continue the chat further and doing so will save the conversation in their ChatGPT history.

ChatGPT Shared Conversation

Remember, anyone with the link will be able to access the conversation, so make sure that there are no personal details in the conversation that you are sharing. In case, you have shared any link that includes your personal details or any sensitive details, you can delete it, which we have covered below.

How to Delete Your Shared ChatGPT Conversation

If you shared any conversation mistakenly or shared it with the wrong person, ChatGPT lets you delete it but there is a catch. Let’s start with deletion first.

1. Open the conversation, and click on the Share button in the left sidebar to get the pop-up window.

Sharing ChatGPT Conversations

2. Here, click on the meatballs icon (three-dot icon) and then select the Delete Link option.

Delete ChatGPT Link

That’s it, it will delete the shared link. Now if anyone opens the link that you have shared, they will get a 404 Error page instead of your ChatGPT conversation.

Error page after Deleting Shared ChatGPT Conversation Link

Anyhow, if that person has already opened the link and has continued the conversation in their ChatGPT account, your conversation will be saved to their chat history. Once that happens, you cannot delete the conversation from your end anymore.

Opening the Shared ChatGPT Conversation from sidebar

Can You Continue the Conversation After Sharing

Yes, you can continue the conversation even after creating a shared link. But the rest of the conversation will not appear in the shared link. Imagine it like you are sharing a snapshot of the conversation. Once shared, you can add more messages to the conversation or even edit the previous conversations, but they will not reflect in the shared link.

Similarly, people who can access the shared ChatGPT conversation link can also continue the chat further. Even their conversations will not be saved and available to you. You can only delete the shared link later from your end, even if it is not possible that someone has continued the chat and saved your conversation to their ChatGPT history.

How to Update and Share Full Conversation

So you have shared a link to a ChatGPT conversation and want to update the link to include the latest messages? As of now, updating the info on the link is not possible. But you can delete the previous link and create a new one with a full conversation. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Open the conversation that you want to update on ChatGPT. Click on the Share option beside that conversation in the left sidebar.

Sharing ChatGPT Conversation

2. Now in the pop-up, click on the meatballs icon (three-dot icon) and then select the Delete Link option to delete the shared link.

Deleting the Shared ChatGPT Conversation Link

3. Again click on the Share icon in the left sidebar. Now click on the Copy Link button and share it. People will not be able to access your conversation from the old link. But they can access the updated conversation from the new link you have generated.

Copying Link to Share ChatGPT Conversation

Sharing ChatGPT Conversations

Previously, sharing conversations was only available to ChatGPT Plus users. Now it’s available to all users even with the free plan. There are many other features like GPT-4 and faster response when you purchase ChatGPT Plus. Also, you will get access to plugins that can improve the functionality of ChatGPT further. We have tried and listed a list of the best ChatGPT Plugins.

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