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How to Enable and Install ChatGPT Plugins

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Ready to take your ChatGPT conversations to the next level? With plugins, you can unlock a whole new set of ChatGPT functionalities from accessing the internet and real-time info to the ability to generate images and flow charts. But plugins are not enabled on ChatGPT by default. In this article, we will go through everything related to ChatGPT plugins and also cover a step-by-step process of enabling, installing, and managing ChatGPT plugins.

What Are ChatGPT Plugins

Plugins are like add-ons to ChatGPT that can improve its functionality. You can install these plugins directly from ChatGPT’s Plugin Store. However, as of now, plugins are supported on the free version of ChatGPT. You need to use GPT-4 language model which requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription which costs $20/month.

Once subscribed, you can enable the plugins option and install needed plugins from the store. Let’s start with how to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus in case you haven’t subscribed yet.

How to Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

We subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus subscription to give you a hands-on review of how it works.

1. Open the ChatGPT Website and click on the Upgrade to Plus option at the bottom left corner.

Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

2. Now in the pop-up window, click on the Upgrade plan option below the ChatGPT Plus option.

Upgrade plan on ChatGPT

3. On the next page, complete the payment process with either your debit or credit card.

Payment options on ChatGPT

Now you can get back to the ChatGPT home page and take advantage of ChatGPT Plus features like faster output, GPT-4, etc.

How to Enable Plugins Option on ChatGPT

You will now have to enable the plugin feature, currently in beta before you can install and use individual plugins.

1. On the ChatGPT homepage, click on the profile name at the bottom left corner and then select the Settings option.

Settings on ChatGPT

2. In the Settings pop-up window, select the Beta features option on the sidebar. Then enable the toggle beside the Plugins option to enable.

Enabling Plugins on ChatGPT

3. Now on the ChatGPT homepage, select the GPT-4 option at the top.

4. In the drop-down that appears, select the Plugins option in order to use ChatGPT with Plugins.

Plugins option on GPT-4

How to Install Plugins from Plugins Store on ChatGPT

To use any plugin on ChatGPT Plus, first, you need to install the plugin from the Plugin Store. Install the plugins that you trust with your data as these plugins can access parts of info from your conversation and also details such as your country or state to improve your conversation for a better experience.

1. Click on the No Plugin enabled option and then select the Plugin store option. If you have some plugins already installed, click on the plugin icons, scroll down in the plugins list, then select the Plugin store option.

Opening Plugins Store on ChatGPT

2. In the pop-up, click on the OK button to confirm and enter the Plugin Store.

Agreeing to terms for ChatGPT Plugins

3. Now you should see Plugin Store with 8 popular plugins on the front page.

Plugin Store on ChatGPT

4. Click on the All button at the top to view all the plugins ChatGPT integrates with.

5. Navigate the Plugin store with the pagination numbers at the bottom. Once you find the plugin you are looking for, click on the Install button below it. But there’s a catch.

Installing ChatGPT Plugins

How to Use and Manage Plugins on ChatGPT

On ChatGPT, you cannot just use all the plugins straight away. You can only enable 3 plugins at a time. For example, if you want to search for recipes using the Tasty plugin, then you need to turn off one of the three plugins that are already enabled and then enable the Tasty plugin. Now you can search for the recipes. Here’s how to use ChatGPT plugins.

1. Once installed, come back to the ChatGPT homepage and click on the No plugins enabled option.

2. Now enable the checkbox beside the plugin that you want to use. Again, remember, you can enable up to 3 plugins at any time.

Enabling plugins on ChatGPT

3. Once enabled, just enter the prompt for the recipe you want and press Enter. You don’t have to select the plugin. ChatGPT will automatically use the required plugin to get the work done.

Using ChatGPT Plugins

4. To change the enabled plugins, click on the plugin icons at the top and then disable the plugin. Now you can enable another one.

Enabling other Plugins on ChatGPT

How to Uninstall Plugins on ChatGPT

If you installed the plugin for one-time use or don’t have the need for the plugin anymore, you can easily uninstall plugins on ChatGPT.

1. Click on the Plugin icons at the top of the page, scroll down the plugins list, and select the Plugin store option.

Opening Plugin Store on ChatGPT

2. Now on the Plugin store, click on the Installed option at the top to check all the installed plugins.

Checking Installed Plugins on ChatGPT

3. Now just click on the Uninstall button below the plugin to uninstall the same.

Uninstalling ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT Plus: The Best Yet

Plugins improve the functionality of ChatGPT and there is a good set of plugins that work amazingly. But, upgrading to ChatGPT Plus not only unlocks plugins but also makes ChatGPT responses faster, the ability to use ChatGPT when demand is higher, etc. Most importantly, you get to use the latest GPT-4 version which is trained on larger data set than the free version making it more accurate and stable in its replies. We have compared ChatGPT with both Bing and Bard. Here’s our take on ChatGPT vs Bing vs Bard.

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