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What To Do After Texting The Wrong Person

by Mrinal Saha
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So let say, you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. And once you do that you are left with two options, either cry like a baby or pretend your account got hacked somehow.

how to undo sent text message

But guess what, you don’t need to do any of that. There is a better, ‘third option’. Now, of course, there is no magic wand that can change what you did. But there few less knows ways to minimize damage or prevent it in future.


After you send a wrong message,

Quickly put your phone on the airplane mode. When the message fails to deliver, delete it.

In case you have smartphones you can use SMS delay application like AskToSend for iPhone (need jailbreak) while Android users can use SMS Scheduler for scheduling SMS in advance or Undo SMS to confirm each time when the message is sent.

Unfortunate above mention workaround and apps will work only with data SMS and not with IM clients like Whatsapp and Facebook. So is there a way to undo them?

Well apparently no, once the message has reached the server you can do nothing to prevent it from reaching the recipient. However, if your internet connection is slow, you can delete it before it reaches the server.

There is another well-known saying on the Internet, which says

“If you accidentally send a WhatsApp message, quickly add the person temporarily to your block list.The message then doesn’t get delivered.”

This is untrueI have tested it on the different platform, and it didn’t work. Once the message is delivered to the server, there is no way to delete it, not even by temporarily blocking the contact.


There is no way to delete a send email, but fortunately, there is a workaround to delay emails in Gmail.

So if you often find yourself sending incomplete emails then use Gmail Labs feature called undo send. Surprising it help me more than I thought I would.

gmail labs undo send

To get this feature head over to your Gmail > Setting > Labs > Search for Undo Send. After you install this feature, it will display an ‘undo option’ for few seconds after you hit the send email button.

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