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How to Turn Off Personalized Ads on iPhone

by Subham Raj
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Whether it’s calling, gaming, browsing, or iMessage, Apple has literally been screaming about user privacy since the beginning. They were the only ones in the market who seemed consumer eccentric, but there’s part of them that also collects data from its users to serve better-targeted and personalized ads. But if you are not happy with Apple collecting data on you, here’s how you can turn off personalized ads on your iPhone easily.

Steps to Turn Off Personalized Ads on iPhone

Apple believes that personalized ads help users ‘discover apps, products, and services while respecting user privacy’. But if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your personal data with Apple and their advertisers, here is how to turn off targeted ads on iPhone.

1. Unlock your iPhone and make sure you’re on the home screen/springboard. If not, swipe up to go to your home screen. Swipe left until you see App Library opening up.

Home screen iPhone

2. Once App Library is open, tap on the Settings icon. And Settings page will now open.

App Library iPhone

3. Scroll down in the Settings until you see the Privacy & Security option. Tap on Privacy & Security to open it.

Settings iPhone

4. Scroll down and at the bottom, you’ll find an option named Apple Advertising. Tap Apple Advertising to open the advertising settings. Once open, you’ll see a toggle named Personalised Ads, turn the toggle off.

And now you’ve opted out of targeted and personalized ads by Apple.


1. Will I stop getting personalized ads everywhere from now on?

Yes and no. Yes, you will opt out of personalized ads being served by Apple. But you will still receive personalized ads on other apps like Facebook and Instagram cause they also track their users’ data to serve personalized adverts.

2. Will I get fewer ads on my iPhone?

No, this won’t reduce the number of ads being displayed on your phone, but you won’t be getting any personalized ads from now on.

3. Is this feature available on iPad?

Yes, indeed. And the steps to do so are completely identical to iOS. You can copy the same steps and enable/disable the ad personalization on your iPad.

4. Can I turn this back on at any time?

Yes, you can turn this back on any time you want. If you don’t mind sharing your data with Apple, use the above-mentioned steps to navigate to Apple Advertising settings and turn the Personalised Ads toggle on.

Pro Privacy Tip: Since we’re talking about privacy, you might wanna learn how you can Turn On/Off “Allow Apps to Request to Track on” iOS. This iOS feature allows its users complete control over whether a particular app can track their activities on the iPhone while using other apps too.

Personalized Ads: Yay or Nay

Personalized ads have been vilified numerous times, but there have been some instances where personalized ads were useful for small businesses and for other people too. Suppose you seek legal or medical help and you get those ads, this might turn out a boon for you. But for some people, the same thing can be privacy-invading, so they might hate such adverts. So it’s totally up to you, which path you want to tread on. I hope this helped you learn about Apple advertising.

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