FakeOFF: Easily Identify Fake Account on Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook is biggest social networking website in this world, But what we usually miss is not everyone is real on Facebook. According to a recent survey about 10% of the Facebook’s accounts are fake. [source]

how to tell a fake facebook account

So if you are skeptical about some of the friends identify, especially if you have never met them in personal, then you will be glad to know that there is a quick way to find out if they are real or fake.

This is a followup article of How to find fake people on Facebook, in which we used Google Reverse image search as a key metric to distinguish. But now there is even a better way which analyse the complete profile of the suspect.

FakeOff is a useful web-app that can perform analysis your suspect’s timeline activity, photos, browsing habits, etc. to let you know if they are fake or not; by rating then on the scale of 1 to 10, where one means fake, and ten means real.

After testing this app with some of the dummies and real Facebook id’s, I found results to be quite accurate. To get started visit their official website and login with your Facebook account. The homepage of the website clearly states that they never post or store any users information, so there is nothing to worry about Facebook privacy.

fakeoff to identify fake people on facebook

After successful login, it will automatically scan your friends list. And display “let’s check him/her” button in front of your friend’s name. From the list, Select the person whose identity you want to recheck.

fakeoff to identify fake people on facebook 2

Next, FakeOff will start working by checking user’s past activity, photos, likes, friends, etc. and display the result based on their one week’s Facebook activity. Plus you can easily perform reverse image search from this web app by clicking on the suspect photos.

how to find out if the person is fake or real on facebook

The basic (free) plans offer results based on seven days of data. However, if you like the service, you can upgrade to the premium plan that will give you results by analyzing one year of suspect activity (which is obviously more accurate than former one).


FaceOff is quite effective and does what it say; i.e., Allow a user to identify the fake account on Facebook.

Update 1

But the great thing that I notice is, apparently the founder of FaceOff  Mr. Eliran Shachar is offering the premium account for free to Indian users. Although this is a great new, I am not sure how long this promotional is going to last. So if don’t see the advance option, it’s self-understood that the offer has ended.

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