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13 Fixes for Lock Screen Widgets Not Working or Showing Up on iPhone and iPad

by Parth Shah
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Although the lock screen widgets were limited to first-party apps on iPhone at launch, they eventually gained support from third-party developers. It’s a nifty way to access specific functions on your favorite apps. Many faced issues with the lock widget not working as expected. If you are among them, check the top ways to fix lock screen widgets glitches on iPhone.

1. Enable Lock Screen Widgets

Apple lets you disable lock screen widgets when your device is locked. You can enable the option and access them even when your iPhone or iPad is locked.

1. Open the Settings app and scroll to Face ID and Passcode.

2. Enter your device passcode. Enable Lock Screen Widgets toggle.

Lock your iPhone or iPad and check whether the added widgets appear. Continue reading if you still can’t access lock screen widgets.

2. Restart iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone troubleshoots such common glitches on the go. It’s worth trying out before we explore other tricks.

1. Keep pressing the side and one of the volume buttons simultaneously. Use the slider to turn off the phone.

2. Wait a minute and press the side button until you see the Apple logo.

3. Create a New Lock Screen

You can also create a new lock screen and try adding widgets. Here’s how:

1. Head to your iPhone lock screen and long-tap on it.

2. Swipe left and tap +. Pick a new wallpaper for your lock screen.

3. Tap below the clock and start adding widgets. After you are satisfied with the changes, hit Done.

You can swipe up on your old screen and tap Delete.

4. Enable Cellular Data Permission

If a specific app doesn’t have cellular data permission, it may not show the latest data on the lock screen widget. You need to enable cellular data permission from Settings.

1. Open the Settings app and scroll to the affected app.

2. Select an app and enable the Mobile Data toggle.

5. Enable Location Permission

Apart from the mobile data permission, an app also needs location permission to show astute information on the lock screen. Let’s take the Weather app as an example here.

1. Launch the Settings app and scroll to Weather.

2. Tap Location.

3. Select While Using the App or Widgets.

6. Try Another Lock Screen Widget

Most iOS and iPadOS apps offer multiple lock screen widgets, to choose from. If a specific widget isn’t working, remove it and try another one (another widget won’t offer the same functionality, though).

1. Long-press on the lock screen and tap Customize. Select your lock screen.

2. Tap on a widget and hit icon.

3. Scroll to the same app and add another widget.

7. Disable Low Power Mode

An active low power may mess up your lock screen widgets. You need to disable it from Settings app on iOS. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.

2. Scroll to Battery and disable the Low Power Mode.

8. Disable Low Data Mode

iOS and iPadOS suspend background syncing when the low data mode is enabled. You need to disable the option and try using lock screen widgets without any errors.

1. Open the Settings app and select Mobile Service.

2. Select Mobile Data Options.

3. Tap Data Mode and select Standard.  

9. Change Device Language

One of the Redditors managed to fix lock screen widgets by changing the device language. It’s worth trying out.

1. Head to the Settings app and scroll to General.

2. Open the Language & Region menu.

3. Add and change your device language.

Revert to your preferred language, reboot the device, and try using lock screen widgets.  

10. App Is Offloaded

iOS and iPadOS come with a feature to offload unused apps. If you have added lock screen widgets from such apps, they disappear when the app is offloaded. You see a greyed-out app icon on the home screen. Tap on it to download the app again.

Apple has introduced this feature to free up space on your device. However, if your iPhone or iPad has ample storage, use the steps below to stop the behavior.

1. Open Settings and scroll to App Store.

2. Disable the Offload Unused Apps toggle.  

11. Reset All Settings

Incorrect device settings may lead to errors with lock screen widgets. You should reset all settings and try again.

1. Open Settings and scroll to General.

2. Tap Reset or Transfer iPhone.

3. Hit Reset and tap Reset All Settings.

Confirm your decision, and you are good to go.

12. Update Affected Apps

Outdated apps can be the main culprit behind lock screen widgets not working problem. You should head to the App Store, update such apps to the latest version, and try again.

13. Update iOS

Lock screen widgets not working or showing up can be due to the iOS glitch. You should update iOS to the latest version.

1. Open Settings and scroll to General.

2. Select Software Update and install the latest iOS build.

Access Your Favorite Apps on the Lock Screen

Lock screen widgets play a vital role on your iPhone. These widgets not showing up or working can spoil your ideal iOS and iPadOS setup. When none of the tricks work, contact the app developer via email and explain the problem in detail.

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