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10 Fixes for Amazon Fire TV Stick Stuck on Loading Screen

by Parth Shah
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While Fire TV Stick is a solid streaming device from Amazon, it’s not completely void of issues. Users have complained about Fire TV Stick stuck on a loading screen for no reason. Before you ditch your cable-free setup and revert to satellite channels, check the top fixes to boot Fire TV Stick normally.

1. Reconnect

Before you try any advanced tricks, reconnect your Amazon Fire TV Stick with the TV or monitor and try to use it again. You should remove your Fire TV Stick from the HDMI port, disconnect it from the power adapter, and replug it after a couple of minutes. Amazon recommends letting the device sit for around 25 minutes (turned on) or until the screen changes. Continue reading if your Fire TV Stick is still stuck on the loading screen.

2. Overheating

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick may misbehave if it overheats. When you binge-watch Prime Video or Netflix shows for hours, the streaming device may overheat and you need to let it cool down and try again. Of course, you can only check that by touching the Fire TV Stick physically.

3. Try Another HDMI Port on TV

Most modern high-end 4K TVs offer 3-4 HDMI ports to connect multimedia devices. If your Fire TV Stick gets stuck on a specific HDMI port, try another port. This trick did the job for us, and we managed to resolve the problem on the Fire TV Stick.

4. Remove the Adapter

It is another handy trick that has worked wonders for many Fire TV Stick users. Instead of using an adapter to establish a connection between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the TV, try plugging it directly into the HDMI port.

Due to wall mounting, it may not be possible to plug the Fire TV Stick directly into a TV. If you have one of such setups, you may skip this solution.

5. Make Sure Your TV Is HDCP-Compliant

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is an anti-piracy protocol built into the HDMI cable standard. It checks all the major devices and components to prevent unauthorized copying of digital video content.

Your source (streaming box, Blu-ray, PC, gaming console, HDMI splitters etc.) and accepting device (TV, monitor, projector, and more) need to be HDCP-compliant. If one of the devices skips HDCP certification, you can’t play content in 4K resolution. In some cases, the Fire TV Stick can’t play content at all.

You need to refer to your TV’s manual and look for HDCP 2.2 certification of the specific HDMI port.  

6. Use Another Adapter and Cable

You need to use the supplied adapter and cable to power up your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Using a third-party adapter or cable from an unknown company may not supply enough power to the device consistently. Eventually, these adapters fail to deliver sufficient power for your device to run smoothly.

You need to also look for any hardware damage or cuts on the adapter, cable, and Fire TV Stick. If you notice major wear and tear, your Fire TV Stick may get stuck on the loading screen.

7. Try Another TV

Did you try the Fire TV Stick with all the HDMI ports on your TV and still receive an error in return? It’s time to ditch your TV and try connecting your streaming device with another TV or monitor.

8. Don’t Use the TV or Monitor’s USB Port as a Power Source

Due to a lack of power adapters or sources, some users connect their Fire TV Stick to their TV’s USB-A port. If your TV doesn’t supply enough power, your Fire TV Stick gets stuck on the loading screen. You should connect your streaming device to a relevant power source only and try again.

9. Reset Fire TV Stick

When none of the tricks work, it’s time to reset Fire TV Stick and set up everything from scratch. As expected, resetting the device deletes all the user data, and you must download and log in to your favorite apps again.

Since you can’t access your FireOS home, you must use the Fire TV Stick remote to complete the job. The remote must be paired to your Fire TV Stick to complete the reset process.

1. Press and hold the right and back buttons simultaneously. Wait for at least 10 seconds or more.

2. It should initiate the reset process. Follow the on-screen instructions.  

Check our guide to learn more about the Fire TV Stick remote.

10. Contact Amazon

Is your Amazon Fire TV Stick still stuck on the loading screen? You need to contact Amazon’s customer care and explain the situation. If your device is under warranty, the company may even send you a device replacement.

Ditch Your Aging Cable Connection

Amazon Fire TV Stick stuck on the loading screen can spoil your perfect weekend plans. What are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and a bottle of your favorite drink and binge-watch some of the top TV shows on Netflix and other streaming services. Check our guide if your streaming device is stuck downloading the latest Fire OS software.

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