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Finnally I got my First Adsense Check

by Mrinal Saha
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Today, My dad called me and said: ” A letter addressing you has arrived form Google.” And that’s it; I knew what was inside – my first check from Google Adsense.

This would never been possible without you guys, and therefore I have decided to write about my journey towards my first check from Google Adsense.

How much do I earn?

First things, first. I know you want to find out, how much one can earn online. I used to have the same question a few years back. And fortunately, today I am in the position answer it.

Well, according to the AdSense policy and TOS, you can’t reveal your exact figures or CPC rate but here is the rough idea. The AdSense earning varies from a few cents to a few dollars a day.  More traffic you get on your website, the more money you make.

How do I Get Started?

My journey similar to every other blogger. I had an interest in computers spend significant time reading other tech blogs. So finally, last year with the help of my friend Darshan, I switch from Blogspot (owned by Google) to self hosted domain.

Since then, the lot of things has changed, I had to learn many insights. Mostly I am a self-taught, but like most of you, I learned a lot by Googling stuff. Is that even a word?

How easy it’s to get approved by Google Adsense?

It depends. In my case, it was not easy. I face rejection for 5-6 times. But, I know many people, who got approved in their first attempt.

Sometimes it takes time to get approved, at times you get lucky in the first attempt. But, if you keep on trying then you can easily get approved.

What should you do get Google Adsense?

I am no expert, but I will like to share my personal experience that helped me to reach my goal:

  • Do some research and write quality content for viewers.
  • Don’t copy other blogs.
  • Be different, have something that sets you apart from the crowd, like in RTT we try to have a video tutorial for the most article.
  • Try, try till you succeeded: Sound cliche, but it works.

What Problem do I Face?

The journey of my first check from Adsense was not smooth, Some of the problem I faced in chronological order:

AdSense Rejections

Like the most newbie, my Adsense application was rejected many time.

The first challenge was to get approved for absence, As you know Indian bloggers are advised to have six months old domain before applying for AdSense.  So I waited a few months, build my blog and then applied.

The first time, I got rejected, second time again my application was not approved, and this cycle went on for months.

However, I never give up. I re-edited my older articles, improved the site structure and removed all copyright images from my previous posts. And applied again.

As I remember it was after 5-6 unsuccessful attempts, I finally got two good news from Google, both my YouTube and AdSense for content was finally approved.

Verification Pin not received 

The second problem that I faced was with address Verification Pin.

Luckily I had reached the payment threshold quickly after my approval and payment of ready to be sent. However, my address was still not approved. I try two different address but still no luck.

So I went according to the procedure and finally wait for the three trial period and then mailed them, a scanned copy of my voter id which had my address proof. And then it gets approved.

Update: Now Adsense has started EFT in India, so payments are made via bank transfer and not through checks.

Delay in Adsense check

The third Problem was not very big.

I was not sure If I can get my Adsense check via post when I didn’t receive the address verification pin to the same address. I was worried because even after two months the payment was not issued, there was no sign of check. Off course Bluedart tracking code also didn’t work.

But a few days back, I got a call from dad, confirming the check has arrived.


It’s worth waiting for Adsense approval. It might be hard, in the beginning, but once you start earning from Adsense, you will love it.

And from my personal experience, the money that they pay is more than what you need for your gas and daily activity, you can invest them and even think of it as a full-time profession.

Update 1

Removed some grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Update 2

What started as fun time activity in my hostel dorm, has now become my full time professional. Today, 20 Dec 2014, I am working full time on my blog. It’s true; one can make earning out of AdSense.

The money that you can make from Adsense will be equivalent (if not more) than from your 9 to 5 job, but most importantly, you will be happy doing your work.

Update 3

What I thought can be a full time professional for me, has now become a media house with a team of 10-15 best in class energtic and creative content creators. #TeamTechWiser

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