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Top 5 Best Screen Recording Software For macOS (Free)

Screen Recording Software

There are no shortage of free screen recording programs for Windows, but when it comes to macOS, most screen recording apps are paid. Yes, you can use the in-built QuickTime to record your screen (which is what I was using so far) but if you do a lot of screen recording than QuickTime …

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Top 10 Free macOS Apps to Boost Your Productivity


There is no shortage of free yet useful programs for Windows, but when it comes to macOS, most of the good macOS apps are always paid.  So, for past few months, I’ve been building a list of free productivity apps for macOS. And I finally have a solid list. So, let’s …

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube — A YouTuber Perspective


Okay, so a little background first, I’m doing YouTube for past 5 years, and while going from 0-125k subs, I’ve gone through several video editing software. I started with free Windows movie maker, then tried a couple of intermediate ones, like Power Director, Sony Vegas, and finally, once I got …

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Five Ways to Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

I use VLC player on both my Windows and MacBook, either case it has been a pretty stress-free experience for me, until now. A couple of days ago I came across a beautifully shot video only to realize that the video has been shot in portrait (damn these smartphones!) and …

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How to Format an Exernal Hard Drive for Mac

Format an Exernal Hard Drive for Mac feature image

Most external HDD comes in NTFS format, which means, it work fine on Windows but MAC, the drive will become read-only. Or let say you brought an unformatted HDD. Whatever be the case, if you are only going to use your HDD on MAC, you will have to format it to …

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How to Use NTFS Drive on MAC – 3 Ways

how to use NTFS on MAC

NTFS (short of new technology file system) is a default file system for Windows. It was first introduced in Windows NT and over the years it has only got better. It supports all the modern features like encryption, journaling (reduce data loss), file permission, compression etc etc. Since Windows is still …

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Mac Tips: Cleaver use of Spotlight

Ever since I switch to MAC, Spotlight is my favorite feature. It’s a ‘desktop search’ feature for Mac OS X which lets you search for ‘stuff’ on your computer. But unlike ‘Window’s search’, the spotlight is dashing fast. The spotlight has become better, with new Yosemite update. As it now, appears …

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10 Less know Mac keyboard shortcuts

mac keyboard shortcuts

Everyone loves keyboard shortcuts. And why shouldn’t they? It’s the quickest way of GTD (getting things done) on computers. I like keyboard shortcuts because of 2 reasons: 1. Time saver: Switching hand between mouse and keyboard, take too long. Whereas using the keyboard shortcuts is faster. Thus more work in less …

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