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Things 3 vs Todoist: Which Task Manager Works Better on iPhone

by Parth Shah
things 3 vs todoist task manager comparison

A task manager is the first thing I install wherever I get a new device. iOS comes with a built-in task manager called Reminders. However, its a little basic. The App Store is filled with dozens of powerful task manager apps. Among them, both Things 3 and Todoist are two of my favorite picks out there. If you are getting confused between the two then read along the comparison to find the differences.

Things 3 vs Todoist

The comparison below is based on different factors such as UI, cross-platform availability, features, price, sharing, theming engine, and more. Let’s get started.

Download Things 3

Download Todoist

Cross-Platform Availability

No contest here. Todoist is available on all the major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Apple Watch, and Web. 

Things 3 is Apple-exclusive. Meaning, the app is only available on iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch. 

User Interface

Things 3 has nailed this one. The software received a UI makeover in 2017. The whole interface is fluid and gesture-based. It’s clear and intuitive to use. Every menu and option is neatly designed and placed rightly for a better reach. 

I think Things 3 has the best user interface among all the task management apps. But hey, that’s just for me. The home page displays the default inbox, upcoming section, logbook, and lists below it.

things 3 home layout

You can tap on the ‘+’ button to add a task, create a project, and swipe down to search through existing tasks.

Todoist comes with its own set of smart lists. Apart from the usual, I liked the Next 7 Days, which allows you to view your entire week at a single glance. It has a list view as opposed to Reminders’ grid view. On the other hand, it’s collapsible.

todoist home

As for theming and customizations, Things 3 pales in comparison to Todoist. The app only offers dark/black theme. Todoist offers a bunch of app icons and color themes to choose from, something that’s missing from Things 3. 

Adding a New Task

Things 3 offers three options — add a new to-do, create a new project, or create a new area (for group projects).

After that, Things 3 lets you add all the details via a pop-up menu. One can add due date/time, create a checklist about the task, assign a deadline, and add a relevant tag.

add task in things 3

The second option of the new project is straight-forward. Add the project name, notes, details, assign a deadline, tags, and create sub-tasks. You are now ready to go with project management.

The New Area option is for group projects. One can create an area and start a project with team members. Talking about sharing and collaboration, we will explore that later below.

Todoist does all of that and some more. Todoist has Projects instead of lists where you can create tasks and subtasks by tapping on the big red ‘+’ icon from any screen. No need to drill down. Todoist also supports natural language with Siri. 

add task in todoist

The labels and filters in Todoist can further help in managing projects and tasks efficiently. There are sorting options in both, but Todoist does it better. You can also sort by dates, importance, and status. Todoist lets you add date, name, and priority options only.

Extra Features

Todoist wants to level up the user experience with Karma. The more tasks you complete, and within time or before the deadline, the more points you accumulate. You can set daily or weekly goals. As you reach your goals, you will unlock productivity badges. Gamification is a known trick to help boost productivity.

You can use Siri shortcuts to access the Inbox, Today tasks, and a project via a random phrase.

todoist karma features

Things 3 support Siri shortcuts from the Settings menu. The app also offers calendar integration. So you can view and edit upcoming events directly inside the app.

things 3 calendar integratio

Both Things 3 and Todoist offer multiple iOS 14 widgets and allows you to add via the long-press menu on the icon. 

Sharing and Collaboration

Todoist allows you to attach files, notes, and tag people (using @name) from your team or group to that task or project easily. People from your team can add, edit, and comment on the tasks. Collaboration is at the heart of Todoist. It was built to scale with teams in mind.

sharing and collaboration in todoist

Things 3’s sharing and project management happens on an individual level. Meaning, you can’t invite others to join the list or make edits. One can only share a list with others using the default iOS sharing menu which sends a normal list in plain words.

sharing lists in things 3


Things 3 uses Things Cloud to store data. The app costs $10 on iOS and $50 on macOS. 

Todoist free plan doesn’t support reminders and restricts the number of projects, team members, and labels you can create. The pro plan will cost you $3 per month per user, and team plans with admin roles will cost $5 per person per month.

Wrap Up: Things 3 vs Todoist

Both the task manager apps have nailed the basics with different but useful features. Things 3 has a better UI and due to a one-time payment option, it’s cheaper than Todoist in the long run. Todoist offers superior sharing and collaboration features and project management functions compared to rivals.

We would recommend Things 3 for individuals and Todoist for either advanced users or teams.

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