How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone without iTunes

I am very particular about my music playlist and I like it on all my devices. Recently got an iPhone to test apps and I usually have it on me. I wanted to transfer my music from my Android Device to the iPhone but you need a long process.

First I would have to transfer my music to the computer and then connect my iPhone to the computer with a lightning cable. After that, use iTunes to transfer the music from the computer to the iPhone. Well, I could have done that but I was traveling without my laptop and I only had the two devices at that time when I got the idea. After searching for a while I found a very intuitive idea which would let you transfer your music from Android to the iPhone without iTunes. Let’s see what that is.

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Transfer Music from Android to iPhone without Computer

We need an app that works on the iPhone and lets you transfer all your music files from Android to iPhone. Before I tell you how to transfer the files, let’s discuss how this app works first.

Cloud Music Player is a music player app for your iPhone and also lets you transfer your music files from your computer to the iPhone without a USB cable. The app creates a local web server which is hosted in the app and you can upload your music files using a web browser on your computer. Now if I can do this on a computer’s web browser, it makes sense that I can do that on the Chrome on my Android and guess what? It works like a charm.

Let’s see you how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without iTunes

Download Cloud Player (free) from the app store by clicking this link. Grant the app store permission to install the app and when it finishesapp store cloud player

Launch the app, you’ll see a few options on the bottom of the screen. Tap Sources on the bottom left.

wifi sources cloud player

You get WiFi Sources as an option on the screen.

There are other options you can choose to import like Google Drive and Dropbox.

akternative sources

We’ll select WiFi Transfer to keep the relevance.

As you tap the icon you’ll see an IP address with some instructions.IP Address for file sharing cloud player

The instructions are ‘ keep your devices i.e. your iPhone and the Android on the same network’.

If you’re at home and you’re connected to the same network, you’re good to go but if you don’t have a router you can simply create a wifi hotspot on your Android Device and connect your iPhone to it. (Settings > Tethering and Portable Hotspot > Turn Hotspot ON)

Once both the devices are on the same network, open chrome on your Android phone and go to enter the IP address showing on the iPhone and press enter.

The next screen that loads on your Android Device is the page on which you can upload your music files which will be synced to the iPhone.CLoud PLayer files upload

Tap on upload files and select all the music files from your Android Device.Android files upload

The files are uploaded instantly over the WiFi but if you have a bunch of them you might have to wait for a few minutes.

You can tap Cancel after files have downloaded on the iPhone by tapping the button in the top left corner.

Now all the files are downloaded to your Cloud Player app now.playlist cloud player

You can listen to the songs and create playlists, shuffle the player music player



1. You can use Google Drive or Dropbox – There are always alternative solutions and this method is one. Instead of downloading all these apps you can directly drop your files to your Dropbox or Google Drive and listen to all the music files and you can save the files offline.

2. Google play music – You can sync your music with Google Play Music as well but only if you have a long playlist, I won’t recommend it if you have just a few songs to transfer to the iPhone.

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone without iTunes

Sure, Its always a hassle when you’re trying to share data with the iPhone from the ‘outer world’ due to iPhone’s restrictive environment but there are handy solutions available. Now I showed you a way to share music from your Android to the iPhone without iTunes. Let us know in the comments if you like this solution.

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