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What Happens When Someone Blocks You On Discord

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Blocked someone on Discord and now don’t know what happens later? Maybe you want to check whether someone has blocked you on Discord? Well, here’s everything that happens when someone blocks the other user on Discord. If you experience the same on Discord with any user, you can be sure that they have blocked you. Before getting started, here’s how you can block someone on Discord.

How to Block Someone on Discord

Blocking someone on Discord is easy. You can block someone on Discord from multiple places like the Discord text channels, friends list, server members, search results page, direct messages page, etc. In short, once you found their username on Discord, it just takes a couple of steps to block them from there.

1. Click on their username or avatar (profile pic) from DM, friends list, or on any mutual server chat.

2. In the pop-up, click on their avatar to access their profile.

Viewing profile on Discord

3. Here, click on the three-dot menu and select the Block option.

Blocking users on Discord

This should block that particular user instantly. You can follow a similar process on the Discord smartphone app too.

What happens When Someone Blocks You on Discord

When someone blocks you on Discord, you will not receive a notification for the same. Instead, Discord quickly removes the ability to connect with each other.

1. You Cannot Send Direct Messages

Discord, by default, allows sending direct messages to anyone who shares a mutual server with you even when they are not on your friend’s list. If a user blocks you, you can still send messages, but your message will not be delivered. Instead, you will get a reply message from Clyde, a Discord bot, saying that ‘Your message could not be delivered’.

Clyde bot reply for blocked messages

But you can still pin messages or even react to messages with emojis on both DM and text channels in servers (reacting to messages is possible only before someone blocks you). Note that the messages you sent after getting blocked will not be delivered after he/she unblocks you.

reacting with emojis wot messages on Discord

But before jumping to conclusions, there can be many reasons for this behavior if you are not already friends on Discord. The user might have left the mutual server, so you lost the direct-message functionality. The user might have set to receive messages only from friends.

Allowing direct messages from server members on Discord

2. Will Not be Available on Your Friend’s List

If you get blocked on Discord, it will automatically remove you from their friend list. Hence, you cannot find them on your list either. To check that, open Discord, click on the Discord icon at the top left corner and select the Friends option. You should find a list of all your friends here. Search for the user and if he/she isn’t available, they might have blocked you.

Opening Friends list on Discord

However, there is a chance that they have simply unfriended you.

3. Cannot Send Friend Requests

If you are blocked by any user on Discord, you can no longer send friend requests to that user. You can crosscheck this by clicking on their avatar to open their profile. Here, you should see Send Friend Request button.

Sending friend request on Discord

When you click on it, you should get a popup saying Friend Request Failed.

Friend request failed on Discord

Just like sending messages, there could be other reasons behind this behavior. Discord, by default, provides an option to send friend requests to everyone. But, the user can restrict it to friends of friends or only to server members. They can also choose not to receive friend requests from anyone. So if you are not able to send friend requests on Discord, the user might have just disabled it.

Who can send you a friend request settings on Discord

4. Cannot View Their Bio

Along with the inability to send friend requests, you can’t check their bio in their profile either. You will be still able to look at your mutual servers, mutual friends, and even the avatar (profile pic), but not the bio. I think because it is more personal in nature.

No bio on Discord profile

Again, same as in previous situations, we cannot be sure as they can just remove the bio or might not even have one at all.

5. Text Messages in the Server Will Be Hidden

If someone blocks you on Discord, your messages will be hidden from them even on the server chat. But, they have the option to view the message if they want to. This can help them follow the conversation in the text channels and also not show the messages by default.

However, if you got blocked by someone, you can still view their messages normally. This only affects the person who blocked you, so that they don’t have to deal with messages.

Viewing blocked mesages on discord server

However, there will be no difference in voice channels, you and the user who blocked you can join a voice channel and chat just as before. If anything, you can mute each other manually every time he/she joins a voice channel.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord

As you can see, there are a few ways to check if someone blocked you on Discord but these situations don’t guarantee the same. Their DM can be closed, their friend request option can be disabled, they might not have a bio on their profile, and so on. But if you are experiencing everything we shared above then chances are you are blocked. Because it is highly unlikely they changed all these settings at the same time.

Another way to see if they blocked you, or not, is by checking their profile from another Discord account. If you can see their bio and send messages and friend requests, you can be 100% certain that they have blocked you and it’s not just a coincidence.

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