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7 Best Discord Music Bots to Stream Songs in Servers

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Music is one of the biggest categories when it comes to Discord bots. But there are a plethora of bots to choose from that offer different functionalities. Finding it hard to choose a music bot that fits your needs? We have tried most music bots we come across and shortlisted them for you.

Best Discord Music Bots

Let me get started with an allrounder.

1. Rythm

Feature-packed music bot

Rythm is one of the most popular music bots on Discord for a reason. It has a number of features and supports popular music streaming sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, etc. It offers features such as lyrics, a voting system to skip songs, grabbing the song from server to DM, etc. which are not available in most of Discord music bots. Song of the day, week, or month features helps discover new music in the server. In fact, covering all the features this bot offers is way beyond this article. Checkout out this link for further details about Rythm and how to use it.

using sotm command on Rythm

Access to premium account will unlock additional features like effects, speed, bass, volume, etc. Rythm also supports commands like !queue, !search, !loop, !clear, etc. Apart from all these, you can open rythm.fm/app to control music in a visual layout. Check out Fredboat and 24/7 that are feature-packed, but Rythm has few advantages over them like easy commands, constant updates, visual layout, etc making it our preferred feature-packed option.


  • Feature rich
  • Supports lyrics, voting system to skip
  • Easy to use commands


  • Do not work with services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc.

Invite Rythm to Your Server

2. Groovy

Supports all famous streaming services for curated playlists

Rythm with all its features still misses out on integration with services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc. This is where Groovy comes in that supports all the services from YouTube to Tidal. So if you are a fan of playlists curated by these services, Groovy is the music Discord bot for you. You also get most common options like creating a queue, looping, shuffling, rewind, etc.

Queue next song on Groovy

Groovy does not play songs directly from these services as they are not supported. They just collect tracks data from these services and play these songs on YouTube. Also, you cannot play your personal playlists that you have created from any of those services.


  • Supports many streaming services from Spotify to Tidal
  • Ability to access playlists from all these services


  • Cannot access your personal playlists from Groovy

Invite Groovy to your Server

3. Botify

Ability to play your personal Spotify playlists

Groovy can access Spotify playlists, but Botify is capable of playing your personal playlists. As the name implies, this music bot is only made for Spotify. All you need to do is use the command $botify login. The bot will send you a link in the DM to log in to Spotify. Once done, you are ready to play songs from your personal playlists with the command $botify search $spotify $list [Playlist name].

For more details on how to log-in and use Botify, check out this article.


  • Can access your personal Spotify playlists
  • Ability to create new playlists directly from Discord


  • Works only with Spotify

Invite Botify to your Server

Creating a Spotify playlist with Botify

4. Mee 6

Multi-fucntional bot to get the work done

Mee 6 isn’t a music bot, but a multi-functional bot that also supports music features. So if you have already installed Mee 6, then you can rely on it for the music functionality too. It covers all the basic features of a music bot and also supports services like YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, etc. Just like Rythm, you get a dashboard to control the music without dealing with commands.

Using Mee 6 bot to listen to music


  • A multi-functional bot with music listening features
  • A dashboard to control songs and queue without dealing with commands


  • Takes time to execute commands like seek, skip, etc.

Invite Mee 6 to your Server

5. Bass

To listen to songs with more bass

Bass is a niche music Discord bot for people who like to listen songs with boosted bass levels. It has almost all basic features that you did expect from a music bot. The only difference is songs are played with higher bass levels by default. One can use the command bass!play [song name] to start playing a song and bass!bass to increase the bass strength. Though Rythm also has an option to change bass levels, it is a paid feature.

Using Bass bot to play songs

My only issue with Bass Discord bot is that it is a bit buggy when you try playing songs via links. Though it supports YouTube, it just doesn’t work when I use links. Then you need to use the command again with the name of the song and it will search and pick it correctly.


  • Boost bass levels in songs
  • Easy to understand commands


  • Spam messages for every small action

Invite Bass to your Server

6. Chip

Audio Effects and Control

Chip concentrates on customization and audio effects. Just like most music bots for Discord, it works with services like YouTube and also supports basic controls you would need like play, queue, pause, and also supports lyrics.

controling vocalboost with chip bot on Discord

But it also supports effects like 8D, volume, pitch level, vocal levels, treble, and bass level adjustments. But unlike bass bot, none of the settings are enabled by default. Such levels of adjustments wasn’t available on any of the bots that we tested.


  • Ability to control music adjustments


  • Lags in between when you set any adjustment to high

Invite Chip to your Server

7. Jockie Music

A Game to play along with Music

Jockie Music is just another music bot but with a small twist. Apart from just listening to songs, you can also play guess the song game. Just use the command m!guess the song and the game will start in 5 seconds. Once the song started playing, everyone on the channel can answer with the name of the song. Once the bot got the correct answer, it will confirm and starts playing the next song. You also get points for each correct answer and can compare scores in the end.

Using Jockie Music to play guess the song game

You can’t mention some random lyrics or spell the name wrong. So getting the exact name is just as hard as it gets.


  • Ability to play ‘guess the song’ game


  • Need to give the exact name of the song

Invite Jockie Music to your Server

Wrap up – Best Discord Music Bots

Each bot in the list is different and satisfies a specific need. Rythm is hands down the best music bot with a ton of tools. Groovy and Botify are great if you want playlists from Spotify and other music streaming services. Chip and Bass are more about audio effects and customizations and Jockie Music lets you play a game.

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