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How To Use Chrome Extensions On Android


Google Chrome comes inbuilt with Android. And that’s the default browser most people end up using. The Chrome Desktop and Chrome Mobile are mostly identical with little limitations on the mobile version. The biggest restriction of them is “Chrome Extensions”. You cannot use Chrome Extensions on the mobile version and …

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8 Best Free and Paid Time Tracking Chrome Extensions

time tracking

Tracking time is one of the most effective ways to be productive and accountable. It allows you to understand and then evaluate where all your time is disappearing. The more you use an app or an extension to track time, the better a picture it paints. You also learn about …

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20 Best Chrome Extensions For Students

google chorme

Whether you are in school or college, chances are you are spending a lot of time using Google Chrome browser. So, why not go one step ahead and use it effectively. And that’s where Chrome Extension comes in. These are light-weight addons that you can add to your browser to …

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15+ Best Gmail Chrome Extensions (2018)

Gmail has a wide range of features and has improved email organization in the recent years with the addition of categories and various other customizations. However, there’s always room for productivity and Gmail is on the top of that list. Fortunately, there are many Chrome extensions available for Gmail that …

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10 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Netflix Experience


Can you believe a life without Netflix, well that would be depressing? There’s much more to it than meets the eye that you can do with your Netflix subscription other than just binge watch house of cards. How’s that you ask? Well, we have 9 chrome extensions for Netflix that will …

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Top Google Chrome Extensions for Privacy


Google Chrome is one of the most downloaded browsers for desktops and being an inbuilt app on Android, makes it the most popular browsers overall. The major USP of Google is providing all its services essentially free of cost, which has helped it achieve its eye-whopping market share. But, all …

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The Best Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extension

Google Chrome is no doubt the fastest browser. But you can make it even better. Meet some of the best Google Chrome extensions to make your browsing experience even better. (Video Tutorial) 1. Grammarly: Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors. You can also double click on an unfamiliar word to …

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7 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions For Every Need

Taking screenshots on Chrome browser is easy. You can use the native PrtScn button on Windows or the Cmd + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut on macOS. However, they lack advanced options such as full page screenshots, annotations, and automatic link generations etc. Thankfully, you can use third-party chrome extensions to get …

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25+ Best Safari Extensions You Should Try in 2019


Safari is still one of the best web browsers for macOS, especially if you are bought into Apple’s famous walled garden. Privacy, Reader View, Autofill passwords and automatically pausing the YouTube video when I take out one of my Airpods – are a few reasons, why I moved from Google Chrome …

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