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6 Best AI Chrome Extensions for Students

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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Since ChatGPT took the world by storm with its capabilities, new AI tools have been cropping up almost daily. There is a lot of noise right now but there are also some really good AI bots built around specific use cases. We will be focusing on some of the best AI Chrome extensions for students that we tested over the weekend. These AI Chrome extensions will help you write, research, and code better.

Let’s begin.

1. CodeSquire (Extension for Coding Students)

CodeSquire promises to make it easier and simpler to write code. If you are new to coding, as a student, CodeSquire will help:

  • write new code based on your comments
  • decode existing code to help you understand what it does
  • Autocorrect and autocomplete code lines to reduce errors and save time

CodeSquire supports pretty much all popular libraries and can translate queries to SQL. At the time of writing this guide, the AI extension for coding students supports Google Colab, BigQuery, and JupyterLab with a promise to support more in the future.

Install CodeSquire

Did you know you can also install and use Chrome extensions on your Android smartphone?

2. ParagraphAI (Extension for Essay Writers)

If you are a student who wants some help with writing essays, for example, ParagraghAI can help you out. Like Grammarly, it will check your sentences for spelling and grammar but that’s not all. It will also:

  • write emails, essays, and resumes for your next startup or job as a fresher
  • reply to comments, messages, emails, etc.
  • select writing tone
  • correct grammar, spelling, sentence formation, etc.
student writing AI tool for essays, plays, reports, etc.

Students are required to write reports which require a lot of research. ParagraphAI is a writing tool to help you not only do research but also write essays in your voice. An example can be an outline of Hamlet.

Install ParagraphAI

By the way, we have a separate list of AI extensions for people focused on productivity.

3. TweetGPT

For students who are active on Twitter, TweetGPT will help you create new content for your profile quickly and easily. It is an open-source and free AI Chrome extension that students can leverage to gain followers and build a presence on social media or simply stay in touch with other Twitter users.

tweetGPT chrome extension for students using twitter

TweetGPT is embedded into the compose section directly. Simply click on the button, choose a tone and topic, give the necessary permission to access your Twitter account (one-time), and let it do its thing.

Install TweetGPT

4. Otter.ai

A lot of studies went online after the lockdowns that followed the pandemic. Using Google Meet and Zoom has become the norm. Otter.ai will help you record your online lectures and sessions, create transcripts in real time, and help you write notes. All of this is in the free version of their Chrome extension.

otter.ai for students to create notes, record lectures, and transcript

There are paid plans too that unlock more features but they are more suited for office usage. The free version of this student-friendly AI tool offers 300 monthly transcription minutes with 30 minutes per conversation.

Install Otter.ai

Shoppers should check out these Chrome extensions to save money and find awesome deals.

5. Jasper

We talked about how there are a lot of AI tools out there and each of them wants you to create an account and sign in. Add that to the apps that you are already using, and you are looking at way too many tabs. Enter Jasper.

Jasper ai too for students using multiple apps

Jasper is an AI tool that works anywhere and everywhere. It integrates with over 50 popular apps like Canva, Drive apps, WordPress, and more allowing you to create different kinds of content on the fly everywhere with a single AI tool. As a student, you may be using Canva to create graphics or Docs and Sheets to do homework. Use Jasper to do it better.

Install Jasper

6. Fireflies

Last but not least, Fireflies is a valid AI Chrome extension for students who attend many seminars, and lectures, and record them for later perusal. Fireflies will record these sessions, transcribe them, and then create a summary of the same. It integrates with many apps you may be using as a student.

fireflies app integrations

Not only that, but it can also summarize articles, documents, videos, and emails too. This way, you don’t have to take notes during the lectures and can focus better. Moreover, you can also comment, chat, and react to the conversations within. The free Chrome extension is good enough for most students but they have premium plans too.

Install Fireflies

AI Chrome Extensions for Students

There are many other Chrome extensions with AI capabilities baked in but these should be enough for most students. But remember, too many extensions can slow down your browser experience, and confuse you about which one to use and where. We recommend choosing one to three based on use cases and being done with it.

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