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Top 10 Airtable Templates to Improve Productivity

by Parth Shah
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It’s 2021 and the trend around no-code tools and modular productivity is just gaining momentum among consumers and developers. We have seen products like Bubble and Glide unleash opportunities for users to build apps without any coding knowledge. On the other hand, software solutions like Notion and Airtable allow you to create and organize a database from the scratch. Airtable is an interesting sandwich of Excel and Notion and with the right use of Airtable templates, you can take the experience to another level. 

To those who are still unfamiliar with Airtable, let me refresh your memory. The San-Francisco-based startup is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. The user interface is simple, colorful, friendly, and allows anyone to spin up a database in minutes.

Best Airtable Templates

Similar to Notion templates, Airtable is best-served when used with built-in templates. Airtable offers a bunch of default templates, to begin with. You can also go to the template gallery, browse them via category, and choose one that’s suitable to your needs. Among them, we have picked the best Airtable templates to begin your modular journey quickly.

1. Content Calendar Template

This is a must-have for every creator out there. Content calendars, also known as editorial calendars, are an indispensable tool to streamline the content creation process, push content through the pipeline, and ensure your entire team is aligned.

content calendar template in airtable

This simple and straightforward content calendar template is perfect whether you’re running a digital publication, managing an in-house YouTube team, tracking social media posts, blog posts, email marketing, or political campaigns.

Get Content Calendar Template

2. Bug Tracker Template

This one is for software companies and startups. If your QA team is having a hard time tracking bugs in a new product, it’s time to use this Airtable template to track issues. 

bug tracker airtable template

Use this bug tracker with your team members to easily delegate bug fixing and tracking projects. This bug tracking system also comes equipped with a form for easy submission of reports.

Get Bug Tracker Template

3. Product Launch Template

Having a hard time launching new products for a company? We don’t blame you. It’s a complex process and goes through many stages for a smooth product launch. 

product launch template airtable

This product launch template is ideal for all types of teams, whether you’re a startup finally bringing that new product to market, a product manager on a small team, or a product team within a larger organization. It is customizable enough to make necessary changes to suit a particular type of company product. 

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4. Book Catalog Template

Book lovers, this one is for you. Many take a pledge to read at least one book a month/week at the start of the new year. If you are in the same category or regularly read books then use the Airtable template below to keep track of your book collection. 

book collection airtable template

Add ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) to the notes to make it easier to quickly Google and find copies of the new books you plan to read. Add personal ratings and keep notes of all the books you’ve finished or want to read.

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5. Expense Tracking Template

We have dedicated personal finance apps on both iOS and Android. But if you want to keep everything in a central place, go with this Airtable template to track expenses. 

finance tracker airtable template

You can track personal and business expenses alike. Or, maybe just resolve roommate squabbles over who bought toilet paper last time once and for all. This Airtable template allows you to add receipt photos, spent money, category, and more. 

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So far, we have only talked about default Airtable templates designed by the company itself. Now, let’s explore some of the community-made Airtable templates. 

6. Wedding Planner Template

Planning your big day ahead or working at an event management company? You can use this Airtable template base to organize everything from guest list management, venue shopping, hiring a caterer, and researching a night-of hotel.

wedding planner template airtable

Get Wedding Planner Template

7. Startup Pitch Decks

Are you getting ready to create the perfect startup pitch to wow potential VCs and investors? Over the years, many entrepreneurs have made their pitch decks public, but they were all over the internet. So the creator has decided to put them all in one place. Take a look and get inspiration to create pitch decks. 

startup template airtable

Get Startup Pitch Decks

8. Setting and Tracking Goals

Are you having a hard time setting and tracking goals for the new year? This minimal Airtable helps you set up, organize, track, and complete your goal plan. Filling out this Airtable template and returning to it once a week will help you stay on track allowing you an easy review of your progress each week and at the end of the month. 

goals template airtable

Get Setting and Tracking Goals Template

9. Email Campaign Tracking

Newsletters are getting traction again. In 2021, we have seen many independent writers starting newsletters to build an audience. 

email newsletter template airtable

This Airtable template helps you keep track of every email campaign you run, making it easy both to keep track of the microscopic details of your emails and to analyze your campaigns through a macroscopic lens.

Get Email Campaign Tracking

10. Wine Cellar Inventory

Are you a wine collector? With the Wine Cellar Airable template, you can glance over 90 predefined types, use the inbuilt rating system, recommend wine maturity, explore the country origin, add photos to the label and do much more. 

wine collector airtable template

Get Wine Cellar Inventory

Wrap Up: Airtable Templates for Everything

Airtable is excellent modular productivity software. Mind you, it’s not another note-taking app. The software is designed to replace many apps and services for you but functions more like a database. Go through the templates list above and start using Airtable today.

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