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Best Babysitting Apps on Web, iOS & Android

by Vaibhav
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If you’ve just become parents. I’m sure you might agree that handling a child is no easy task. Whether it’s a new-born, an infant, or a toddler, all require constant attention. Moreover, still being in the early stages of development, it’s hard to leave them alone. So, if you’ve to think a dozen times before making a plan which doesn’t involve taking your child along with you. Here are the best Babysitting apps to take care of your kid while you’re out.

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Best Babysitting Apps

1. Bambino

If you’re someone who postpones or even cancels your plans so you can be with your child, Bambino is a babysitting app that can put your worries to rest. The app has a very unique concept as it helps you find sitters that are recommended by your family & close friends. It does that by connecting the app with your Facebook account. After you do that, you can browse through the favorite section to see whose services your closed ones are taking.

If you’re a sitter, you can set a rate per hour. This rate is fixed so there’s no bargaining. A tiny drawback for the sitters is that you can’t change the rate. So, if you arrive at a household where you have to take care of more than one child, you’ll have to do that at the same rate. You also need a Facebook account which might not be the best way to use this service by many.


  • Sitter recommended by friends & family
  • No negotiation as the rate is standard
  • Easy booking

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2. Bubble

If you’re in a hurry or you need someone to take care of your child on an urgent basis, having a reliable extra service app, makes sense. Also, if Bambino services aren’t available in your area. Bubble is one such app that has great reviews from parents across all platforms. Besides all the common features like finding and booking a sitter. There is also an option to check reviews of individual sitters and even contact their parents within the app.

The best part about this app is that it verifies all its sitters with passport and other valid documents. It also checks any criminal record of the sitter and interviews them. In this case, the sitters have a badge on their profile. There is a standard booking fee for every sitting, however, you can also subscribe to Bubble plus at $12 to skip paying for every sit.


  • Highly Rated by parents
  • Verified sitters
  • Insured sitters for any accidental injury

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3.  Sitting Around

As it’s said, ” It takes a village to raise a child”. This website takes this community raising concept very seriously. It works when a group of parents come together in a neighborhood, form a cooperative intending to trade childcare. You have the option to find a co-op near you or you can start your own. You will only become a co-op member either by invitation or when the moderate approves you. This might also involve home visits for verification as well.

Sitting Around takes a community approach where families sit for families rather than sitters

Sitting around isn’t free and costs $15/annually or $5/ month, per family, more or less to maintain the platform and facilitate new features. Although you’re asked for payment info up front you’re not charged for 60 days, so you can try before you pay.


  • Community-based sitting
  • Join a co-op or make a hidden one (Private)
  • Support many countries but most in the USA

Visit Sitting Around 

4. Zum – Car Pooling

When you’re a working parent, you don’t always need a baby sitter. Sometimes it can involve mundane things like driving your kid to school. This app lets you book rides for your kid and carpool with friends. You just have to sign-up, make a profile and you’re ready to start booking. You can schedule, select rides, and invited other riders of your close family circle. Moreover, you don’t have to be bothered with random drivers as you can also maintain a few drivers whom you can trust with your kid.

Zum also has a strict review policy for drivers with a minimum of 3 years of experience with children. The ride starts at $10 for carpool rides and you also get the option to subscribe to the monthly package to get a minimum of three free rides every month and save money on rides.


  • Uber for children
  • Book with other riders in the family
  • Constant notification for tracking your child
  • Schedule at a certain date and time

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5. Cubo AI

Imagine another person closely monitoring your child’s movement and they notify you every time your child cries. Well, now you don’t need a human because an AI can handle all that with ease. Developed in consultation with experienced pediatricians, the Cubo AI app is used in conjunction with the Cubo AI baby Camera. It features face detection, i.e, it prompts you every time it detects that your baby’s face is covered by something or they’ve rolled upside down. It also works great for infants who’re learning to walk by using the camera with kids’ walkers. Parents can define danger zones, so whenever the child moves from the play area to the danger zone, it sends out an alert.

The camera uses “Sony STARVIS Sensor” and an Ultra HD night vision, 1080p + 135 degrees super wide-angle lens. This also has a smart capture feature which takes a picture automatically every time your kid smiles. So, you don’t miss any moment. You can also buy the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor for $189.


  • Two-way audio-video chat
  • Cry and danger zone alert
  • Temperature & humidity detector

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6. Remote-Monitoring

If you’re going for a short stroll or daily errands, you always have the option to ask your neighbor or a friend to take care of your child. While you can blindly trust them, it’s better to keep a safety net and monitor your child’s surrounding yourself.  You can use your phone as a monitoring device and use apps such as DroidCam. There are many more options, so you can try out a few and see which works the best.

Using your phone is an inexpensive and a convenient way to monitor your child.

7. Cozi Family Organizer

While these platforms make it very easy and convenient to find a sitter. You don’t always have the time and patience to explain to them the needs of the child. Whether they need frequent medications or nappy changes. This organizer app helps you put everything in order. It features a  shared calendar, a list-making function designed for your child. The reason I recommend this app is that you can also add your babysitter, so they’re in line with the child’s routine. This way you wouldn’t have to explain everything yourself. Moreover, in case you forget something, they can also look it up in the app.

The app is free but you can buy “Cozi Gold,” which costs $29 per year after a two week trial period. This removes ads, enables calendar search feature, and also give you premier customer support.


  • Shared Family Calendar
  • Family journal to share pictures
  • Add your sitter to keep them in the loop

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Closing Remarks

Here were a few ways that you can take care of your child besides giving them proper attention. If you are looking for a babysitting app and don’t want to go wrong. Babino is the perfect app with a sitter recommended by friends & family. Besides that, you can also use an extra phone as a monitoring tool for your infant or buy a dedicated baby monitor such as Infant Optics DXR-8 or HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor, as well. I hope you stumble upon someone who takes care of your child as you do. All the best!

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