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5 Best Budget Gaming Controllers for PC under $25

by Pankil Shah
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While most PC gamers advocate using a keyboard and mouse for the ultimate gaming experience, a controller has its own advantages. Particularly while playing games like Genshin Impact, PC controllers offer a lot more comfort, allowing you to lean back from the desk and enjoy long gaming sessions. Plus, the joy of feeling haptic feedback when your car crashes or a blast occurs is second to none. That said, the extra comfort often comes with a hefty price tag as popular controllers for PC may retail for as high as $100. But if you haven’t got the luxury of splurging that much cash, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best budget PC controllers that don’t break the bank.

Budget Gaming Controllers

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All the gaming controllers are under $25 and wired except one that’s wireless. Wireless gaming controllers would cost more and at this price point, wouldn’t offer the same level of experience and features. Better go with wired but budget PC gaming controllers in under $25 range.

Also, both PS4 and Xbox One controllers work with any PC that has Bluetooth built-in standard. Not the cheapest controllers but pretty decent and last long.

1. PDP Gaming Wired Controller: Best Overall

We kick off this list with the PDP Wired Controller. Featuring a sleek design and available in nine stylish color options, PDP Gaming Controller is certainly a real deal for its price. The non-slip grips and textured trigger make the controller easier to hold for extended gaming sessions. And despite being a budget PC controller, the haptic feedback is also present for an advanced gaming experience. The controller connects to your PC via a detachable 8 feet Micro USB cable which can be handy to charge your other devices as well. 

PDP Gaming Wired Controller

Aside from the above, the D-pad can also be used to control the in-game volume. Plus, a 3.5mm jack will let you plug headphones directly into the controller. Additionally, it has a dedicated app for Windows to help you remap buttons, run diagnostics, adjust dead zones, and more. 

2. Logitech F310 GamePad: Best Plug-and-Play

Your favorite accessory brand Logitech also has an option in this budget gaming PC controller list with the F310. It has every button you’ll ever need including two analog mini-sticks, 10 programmable buttons, and an 8-way programmable D-pad. With a similar layout to that of PlayStation, you won’t have any problems while juggling between your favorite console and PC. While it lacks the wireless capabilities like your expensive console controller, for merely a $15 price, the F310 does the basics well. 

Logitech F310 GamePad pc controller

With its plug-and-play nature, the controller works right out of the box with your PC. However, the only notable downside is the lack of rumble, but if you don’t mind missing out on the haptic feedback, Logitech F310 GamePad is ideal for a no-frills experience while gaming on PC. 

3. VOYEE Wired PC Controller: Best Haptics

Advertised as a replacement for your Xbox 360 Controller, VOYEE Wired Controller makes for a great gaming controller for your PC. The non-detachable 7 ft. long cable allows for enough movement while playing your favorite titles. What’s more? This Xbox-style gamepad manages to match some of the premium features of the Xbox 360 Controller. With its precise joystick, high quality 8-way directional pad, and two analog pressure-point triggers, you stay in perfect control.

VOYEE Wired but cheap PC Controller

Unlike its counterpart above, the VOYEE Controller comes with built-in electric motors for vibration feedback, elevating your overall gaming experience. And while the wired version retails for about $18, the company also offers a wireless version for only $27.

4. IFYOO V-one: Best Looking

If you’re looking for a more stylish but cheap controller for your PC gaming needs, then IFOYOO V-One is worth checking out. It has a solid design with a soft-touch finish and glossy buttons. On top of that, it features the signature V-shaped red led light in the middle. The JD-Switch function allows users to switch functions between the D-pad and the left stick. Plus, the plug-and-play functionality means that it doesn’t require any additional setup. 


Coming with both Xinput and Dinput, the controller comes ready to use for your PC, Android phone, or TV. The gripping texture and skin type material make the controller ideal for long gaming sessions. 

All in all, IFYOO V-One is a budget controller that doesn’t feel or play like a budget controller. 

5. 8Bitdo Zero 2: Best Wireless

Next up, is a tiny yet powerful controller from a well-known gaming accessory brand 8Bitdo. Weighing less than an ounce, 8Bitdo Zero 2 is portable enough to fit easily in your pocket. And despite its small form factor, the gaming experience is right up there to its counterparts with responsive buttons and an excellent directional pad. This keychain-sized Bluetooth controller promises to deliver 8 hours of battery life.

8Bitdo Zero 2

Compatibility-wise, with 8Bitdo Zero 2, you can play games on the Switch, Windows, macOS, Android, Steam, and Raspberry Pi. The controller is ideal for playing games on the go. However, the compact form factor mostly works in 8Bitdo Zero 2’s favor as long as you use it for short gaming sessions. Plus, the tiny design also means a lack of analog sticks restricting you to 2D games (Super Mario) only. 

For just $20, 8Bitdo Zero is the best wireless option in the price range with decent functionality. 

Wrap Up: Best Budget Gaming Controllers for PC

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. So it’s important that you save money wherever possible. Whether it’s the haptic feedback or the programmable buttons, above mentioned controllers are some of the best budget PC controllers under $25 capable of fulfilling most of your gaming needs. So, pick anyone from the list and get ready for endless fun.

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