6 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iOS

We have covered clipboard manager apps for Windows and Android platform before which our readers found useful. iOS users were left behind so today, I will be sharing a list of some useful clipboard manager apps for iOS platform. These will be functional on both iPhones and iPads on the least.

It goes without saying that you will only be able to retrieve text that you copied after you install one of these clipboard manager apps. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

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Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iOS

1. Apple Clipboard Manager

Universal Clipboard, as Apple likes to call it, works between iPhones and Macbook seamlessly. That means you can copy a piece of text or link on your iPhone and paste it directly on the Macbook.

The only drawback is that you cannot copy more than one thing at a time. The moment you copy item 2, item will be overwritten. Also, in order for the Universal Clipboard to work, it must meet the Continuity minimum requirements. Seizing an opportunity, app developers have created their own clipboard manager apps for iOS that we will discuss below.

2. QuickClip

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills clipboard manager for your iPhone or iPad, get QuickClip. It will cost just a dollar and provide a space to store all your clippings. You can create folders to save your clippings for a better way to categorize them.

QuickClip lacks advanced features like macOS integration, filters, and formatting, but it was never designed for that. It was designed for users who needed a place to store clippings, end of story. Get QuickClip for $0.99 with no ads. There is no free version available.


  • Folders
  • Easy and simple


  • No macOS integration
  • No filters
  • No formatting

Download QuickClip: iOS (Paid)

3. Copied

Copied is a clipboard manager that’s easy to use and quite well-designed. You can copy multiple texts and links but that’s not all. Copied will also allow you to create your own clippings. That means you don’t have to type your name or important emails IDs and addresses over and over again. Just use Copied. It can copy clippings with formatting intact.

They have developed a companion app called Copied+ for macOS. The only caveat is that you will have to use the built-in browser to copy text from web pages. There is an option to create rules to paste clippings. There is a small widget that can be accessed to copy clippings quickly. but even better option is to use the Notification Center or their own third-party keyboard for clippings!

Finally, there is a bulk copy feature that will copy all text, images, and links, however, I prefer using Pocket app to save articles. Much better alternative. The pro version will cost you $2.99 and will remove ads and unlock features like unlimited clippings, remove ads, create lists, and sync it with macOS.


  • Create own clips
  • Supports formatting
  • macOS integration
  • Rules
  • Save entire webpages
  • Today widget, notification center
  • Dedicated keyboard for clippings


  • No dedicated keyboard
  • No Apple Watch

Download Copied: iOS (Freemium, $2.99)

4. Paste 2

One of the best overall clipboard manager apps for iOS, Paste works similarly to how Copied worked, but with some notable differences. In Copied, you can create lists which is cool but you have to sort clippings manually which frankly, most of us are not going to do. Paste solves this problem with lists like address, snippets of codes, and so on that can be color-coded. Depending on the snippet that you have copied, it can be categorized and found easily.

Anything particular that you use frequently use like an address or email ID? Pin it to the top using Pinboard. Paste will not only save text and links but also images and files. Don’t remember where you copied that text from? Paste will remember source and date and time information too.  One important feature is the ability to ignore sensitive data. If enabled, Paste will detect passwords and other details like credit card and won’t save it in the clipboard manager. Peace of mind, achieved.  Certain sensitive apps with critical information can be blacklisted so Paste will never save info from there.

The search is intelligent in a unique way. Looking for a recipe? Just search for recipe and Paste will detect all clippings that matches the search. Can be a real time saver.

Paste 2 will cost you $4.99 and will sync across all your devices including macOS and iPads.


  • Lists
  • Shortcuts
  • Color-coded
  • Pinboards
  • Support for images and files
  • macOS integration
  • Doesn’t save sensitive data
  • Intelligent search


  • None

Download Paste 2: iOS (Freemium, $4.99)

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5. Clip+

Clip+ has a cool feature. If you copy a phone number, Clip+ will automatically detect it, allowing you to call that number directly from within the app. If you copy a web URL, click on it to open in a web browser. A simple but much-needed feature in an app like this. If the link leads to an image, you can preview it right inside the app. In fact, you can also preview GIFs.

There is a today widget so you can access the clippings from the notification center but I like the dedicated keyboard option. Items can be reordered but cannot be sorted in lists. On the plus side, there is support for Apple Watch. Clip+ will cost you $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad.


  • Detect numbers, URLs, etc.
  • Dedicated Clip+ keyboard
  • Preview images and GIFs
  • Support Apple Watch


  • No folders
  • No smart lists
  • No smart search

Download Clip+: iOS

6. Copypasta

This one is for those who have jailbroken their iPhones and iPads. Copypasta is a free and open-source clipboard manager with a bare-bones approach. It will provide you a place to store all your clippings safely. You can check out the source code here and download the app here.

You can access the menu on any screen which makes it easier to paste copied clippings.


  • Free
  • Works on all screens


  • Only for jailbroken iOS devices
  • No macOS compatibility
  • No advanced features

Clipboard Manager Apps for iOS

Paste 2 is the best overall clipboard manager apps for iOS devices, and even macOS users. If you are looking for a media rich clipboard manager, go for Clip+ which can detect and preview images as well as GIFs. If you need something simpler and less expensive, QuickClip is a good enough option and costs only $0.99.

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