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7 Best Equalizer Apps For Music Lovers to Try on Android

by Vaibhav
best equalizer app for android

Whether you are using a music app that does not have an equalizer or have low-quality headphones that are not loud enough. Whatever the reason may be, an equalizer gives you the ability to enhance the sound manually, adjust treble, base and even add reverb to it. Personally, I feel it’s important to not only gave a good device but also an app that helps you mix the sound, as you like it. So, here are the best equalizer apps for Android but hold on, there are chances you already might have a native EQ option on your phone. Why not start with that? Let’s go!

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1. Native Options

Before you download a separate Equalizer app, you might want to check, if your phone supports it natively. I tried this with Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones running MIUI and One UI, and both of them have an inbuilt EQ.

Samsung One UI EQ

Caution: Dolby Atmos can be turned off even if you have the EQ enabled.

To check if your smartphone has a built-in equalizer, open Settings and search for EQ or equalizer or look for it in sound and vibration settings. Chances are EQ in different phones have extra features like Samsung’s OneUI with options like up-scaler and reverb enhancer. Besides that, a basic five to nine-band EQ is standard amongst all. In addition to this, you can customize the EQ or choose from the presets. So, if you have native EQ and you don’t listen to music all day, skip installing an app and instead try this.

2.  Wavelet

If you’re a serious audiophile, most of your music consumption must be using your headphones. However, you aren’t hitting the full potential if you arent using an EQ app that is specially developed for headphones. Wavelet is one such app developed by an XDA member, which has over 2400 pre-optimized sound for various headphone models. So all you have to do is connect your audio and enable AutoEQ and select the headphone model and you’re all set. The app also has a limiter feature which helps you deal with tracks with uneven volume along with channel balance where you can set the gain individually which comes in handy when you’re trying to listen to specific parts like a lead guitar or the bass in a track.

The app with all the abovementioned features comes for free, however, you can enhance the capability by enabling effects such as bass booster, reverberation, virtualizer and bass tuner at $5.49. Also, the app only shows options when you play a track, so don’t freak out when you see no control in the app. Enjoy!

Download Wavelet

3.  Music Volume EQ

For anyone looking for the best equalizer app, your search might be over. Music Volume EQ provides global equalizer on your smartphone, ie. it not only works with local music files but also with apps like YouTube and Spotify, which does not come with a built-in equalizer.

has a simple yet useful UI and features a five-band equalizer which is handy enough to tweak any sort of music. When you open the app, you see the famous age-old visualization, in addition to the volume control.

Music Volume EQ

The app primarily has two main sections, first being the volume unit section and the EQ. Talking about the latter first, you can see the EQ by clicking on the EQ button on the home screen. It shows you the five-band equalizer along with the option to boost the bass and a virtualizer. There are plenty of presets such as hip-hop, dance, pop, available if you want to use pre-defined presets.

You can also put the app in full screen as a visualizer. There are numerous visualizer options to choose from, and you can control the volume with gestures as well. It’ll also work if you use other applications with it. The app works in split-screen.

Download Music Volume EQ

4. Viper4Android

I can’t say if it’s the best equalizer app for Android but out of all the equalizer apps on the list, this is a must-try. The only caveat is, Viper4Android requires root access.

Therefore, to install a Viper4Android, you need a rooted smartphone, you can either do it via Magsik module or directly from the apk (link below). Once installed, it has four dedicated sections to enhance your audio, which are the headset, speakers, Bluetooth or through USB. I didn’t feel much difference in the phone speaker, but the difference is significant over earphones and Bluetooth.

Viper4Android has a ton of options that all sound different depending on smartphone you use. I recommend you take your time and play around the settings to get the best settings for you.

Viper4Androi EQ

One thing to keep in mind is something user face issues like battery drain, abnormally high and low volume, different volume levels in different apps, etc, after installing Viper4Android. In such a case, you can uninstall the app, though make sure you undo every change you made in the app settings before you uninstall it.

Get Viper4Android here.   

5. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is another popular music player for Android that comes with dedicated equalizer settings. This is the best option if you have songs on your local storage that you will like to enhance with an equalizer app.

It has easy navigation controls, sleep timer and does what a normal player would do. But what extra features does it have for someone looking to play with the audio?

PowerAmp EQ

It supports high-res output if you have a phone with a dedicated DAC like the LG V series or the Redmi K20. In terms of an EQ, is has a 10-band graphic equalizer with a pre-amp to amplify tracks with very low volume. You can choose from presets or adjust the EQ manually and save it. For someone who doesn’t want to play with the 10-band EQ, there are knobs to adjust just the treble and bass. In addition to that, you can channel the audio to left or right, expand the stereo to make it sound richer and even adjust the tempo.  Here’s is a word of caution, it just works within the app.

Get Poweramp Music Player here.   

6. Musixmatch

Every phone comes with a native audio player and frankly, I’ve never used it. There are so many options on the Play Store to choose from, which not only supports local music but provides extra features such as lyrics card, integrated song detector, and of-course an equalizer. You saw that coming, didn’t you?


Musicmatch is a music player but since it has replaced my native player, you can ascertain how much I can vouch for it. You can connect it to Spotify and your music library at the same time.  To access the equalizer simply play any song click on the menu bar from the top right corner, scroll and select the equalizer. The UI is plain with a graphic representation of the EQ which changes as you change the preset or adjust the EQ. It also has all the generic presets with a bass booster and 3D effect. In addition to that, you can also save custom presets.

Get Musixmatch here

7. Dolby

Smartphones have come a long way and a lot of phones like the OnePlus or the Realme have Dolby support which provides a clear and over-all rich experience when listening to audio from the phone, especially if you’re using a headset. So if you have a custom skin like the ColorOS, you’re in luck.

Dolby Atmos EQ

If your phone supports Dolby Sound you can find a separate tab in sound and vibration settings or simply search the keywords. The settings might vary depending upon the phone you’re using and the skin that is installed. To talk about my phone (Realme XT), I’ve four preset options to choose from which are smart, movie, gaming and music. I tested this using Spotify and I can tell you if you’re aiming at a fuller and more balanced sound, no need of a separate equalizer because this has all the features already. There is a graphic EQ as well, which can be manually tweaked.

Closing Remarks

Listening to audio can just be a way to pass time or experience, the choice is yours. With these equalizer apps you can enhance the content you’re listening to and experiment with the equalizer. If you listen to a lot of music you can simply go for Power Amp or Musixmatch which have in-built EQ or choose a different EQ app. But if you’re an audiophile and are serious about your audio, Viper4Android should be your choice. So, here were my picks for the best equalizer apps for Android. Do you’ve more? Comment below!

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